Chinese valentine's day | don't regret time, don't forget yourself!

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"I want to cross the mountains to see you, in this day of light,


The trees are tall and the water is small."



When there is sweetness in the air


It's a no-brainer


It's time for couples to show their love


If you're right


A friend at this time


Mostly thinking about how to torture a dog


Or are you not seeing anyone at all


But in fact


Qixi festival is not for gifts and red envelopes


It's about reminding people not to forget to love and be loved


In the eyes of a girl


It's not how much your gift cost


It's the thought that matters


I read so many walkthroughs


But I still can't have these holidays




I wanted to ask you


Is it the same as the Buddhist small series


I'd rather be alone than against my heart


Better regret than settle


Heart-shaped dynamic dividing line


No matter you


Have a lover or a single wang


This is what I want to say


Love to live up to people,


Play not to live up to the scenery;


When you sleep, live up to your bed,


A person should live up to their own.


The festival is small, the joy is big


I hope the person you like likes you


I hope you don't care what other people think or look at


Do what you love, live the life you love


May all people be treated gently by the world


All I've met in my life are good people


Don't have to pretend


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