At the "Fight of the Immortals" in the New Year's Eve party of Six David TV, Lianchengfa helped Sichuan Satellite TV to win the praise of the audience

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2020 has arrived, how many people are still immersed in the aftermath of Sichuan Satellite TV's New Year's Eve concert? It is commendable that Sichuan Satellite TV has received rave reviews for the New Year's Eve. Although the surprise is expected, Sichuan Satellite TV can definitely play in terms of singer strength and stage performance. 


  I believe that many audiences have been shocked by the stage effects of Sichuan Satellite TV, especially its beautiful and immersive feeling. For example, the expression of water on the stage, the expression of water is technological, using the form of a ground screen (the geoswitching screen P4.81 provided by Lianchengfa), using the plane of the stage as a media platform for visual performance, and using video content to highlight Show the performances of the artists, and present the stage vision of the plane facade to enhance the space performance relationship of the stage.


 There is also the expression of flowers. The expression of flowers is a national trend, because she is not only a flower in nature, but also a beautiful flower under various national style costumes. On the stage, there are as many as eight different lifts, three sets of different forms of push-pull carriages, and the staggered stage structure constitutes a rich stage flow, which makes the stage performance also rich in changes.


Except for the stage beauty, every show can be said to be quite diligent. The opening show, intro, is the virtual idol star pupil “traveling through time and space” under the noisy pipa melody of Fang Jinlong, the "King of Paradise". She changed her trendy attire, dressed in Chinese clothes, and danced with Ping Ting. Behind them, the Ink Armor Robot Band also changed into ancient costumes to fit the theme, and used bamboo flutes and row drums to add musical rhythm to the audience. Fashion and tradition, classic and modern, illusion and reality, Xingtong, Fang Jinlong, Mo Jia, Sichuan Philharmonic Orchestra, Oriental Jasmine Women's Chinese Orchestra collided fiercely in the performance. 


      One of the most touching chapters is the interaction between the voice actors of Nezha and Taiyi and the voice actors of the 79 version of "Nezha: Naked the Sea" in 2019 "Nezha: The Devil Child Comes into the World". Articles through the ages, only things with a cultural foundation can be evergreen and pass on from generation to generation. The national rhyme and the national tide, this time, Chuantai did it.


 After the "Flower Blossoms", the stage has not been demolished, and the same stage will be staged "We Are Young-The First Fanghua Ceremony". Traditional virtues are endless, and Chuantai is great! 


 Sichuan Satellite TV's success in winning the championship is definitely not a single person's credit. It is also the earnest attitude and hard work of Sichuan Satellite TV's entire program group towards the New Year's Eve concert. Quality and professionalism are indispensable. Lianchengfa, as one of the display screen providers for Sichuan Satellite TV's New Year's Party, is precisely due to the high degree of unification of quality and professionalism between the two parties. Here, we look forward to the next Sichuan Satellite TV New Year's Eve concert to bring us more surprises.

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