Lianaixincheng crowdfunding, sincere love warms people's hearts

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Recently, a charity fundraising article titled "Hand in hand to overcome the danger, Hu Min (Wang Baojiang) looks forward to your helping hand" began to circulate in the circle of friends. After the article was published, the Hu Min (Wang Baojiang) incident received extremely high attention from Liancheng Development Company (stock code: 837293) and caring people in the whole society, and the charity fundraising spread across the board...

On May 17, the love fundraising event of "Hand in hand to overcome the crisis, Hu Min (Wang Baojiang) looking forward to helping you" came to an end. Hu Min (Wang Baojiang) won the whole "family" and society of Lianchengfa. Charitable people from all walks of life donated 32,912 yuan. When one person is in trouble, everyone helps, not relatives, but better than relatives. Lianaixincheng crowdfunding, sincere love warms people's hearts.

  Wang Baojiang is an old employee of Shenzhen Lianchengfa Technology Co., Ltd. He has been working in Lianchengfa for 8 years and has been working hard on the front line of production. He is conscientious and hardworking. The relationship between colleagues is also very harmonious. However, unexpected events occurred. His wife, Hu Min, was diagnosed with stage 2 bladder cancer at the end of last year. The cost of the first stage operation was huge, and he had to maintain annual rehabilitation treatment in the later stage...

Knowing this situation, Ms. Long Pingfang, the founder of Lianchengfa, attached great importance to it and expressed condolences many times. In order to help the family tide over the difficulties, Ms. Long Pingfang actively called on everyone to make donations together. Therefore, the company’s planning department will raise funds through love. The platform launched a crowdfunding campaign, and this fundraising campaign was supported by all employees of the company, and everyone extended a helping hand to them. Many employees said that as Lianchengfa’s “family, we must unite at all times. This is the spirit of Lianchengfa’s inheritance. Only by uniting can problems be solved.


"We are all a family. When it is critical, we must send the company's care to the hearts of employees in difficulty!" In Long Pingfang's view, "every employee is his own family. For employees in difficulty, care is not about talking about it. That's it, it should be expressed in actual actions".

   A trickle can flow into the vast sea, and every bit of kindness can converge into a torrent of love. For a long time, "Lianchengfa" actively protects the rights and interests of employees, helps employees solve practical difficulties, gathers people's hearts with family, and promotes harmony with care, which fully reflects the true feelings of "helping each other, unity and friendship" among employees. This crowdfunding campaign It further enhances the cohesion and influence of the enterprise. I believe that such a company full of love and positive energy will get better and better in the future!


Thank you letter from Wang Baojiang


Like for positive energy! May Ms. Hu Min recover soon!


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