Product Parameter


Size: Diameter 12m, height 10m (customizable)

Cabinet: A variety of special-shaped cabinets

Cabinet material: Die-cast aluminum

Pixel Pitch:P8、P10

Refresh Rate:≥3840Hz

Key Features

Offer competitive, reliable scene solutions to customers

  • Ultra high protection

    Maskless GOB process

    Waterproof and bump-proof

  • Spherical design

    Dynamic sphere-shaped screen rotatable and openable

    Six unit groups that can be played independently

  • Full hollow design

    Superior windproof and efficient heat dissipation.

    Low energy consumption

  • 360° rotation playback

    Together like a sphere, blooming like petals

  • Ultra high refresh rate

    High grayscale and high contrast

    Refresh Rate≥3840Hz

  • Multi-model customization

    Can be customized to meet various occasions

    Variety of shapes, unlimited creativity


Super protection, all-round protection

GOB process without mask, waterproof and anti-collision

Hollow design, super windproof, efficient heat dissipation

Dynamic Spherical Design - Rotate and Open and Close with Ease

Inspired by a sphere and blossoming flowers, this spherical screen is ruggedly designed with sci-fi styleRepresenting an outburst of energy, it is composed of 6 units which can be independently usedAssembled together to allow 360-degree rotation playback for multi-directional stereoscopic effects.


The picture is delicate and lifelike, easily restore the true colors

High brightness, high gray and high contrast, stunning image qualityUnique splicing and 360° full-view playback ensure a smooth and continuous imageProviding a comfortable visual experience and showcasing a unique tech aesthetic.


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