Product Parameters


Cabinet dimension:960*960mm、1024*1024mm

Cabinet weight:36KG

Cabinet material: iron

Pixel pitch:P3、P4、P5、P6、P8、P10

Refresh Rate:≥1920 Hz

Key Features

Offer competitive, reliable scene solutions to customers

  • Super protection

    High protection to strict climate

    Dust-proof and water-proof,Omnidirectional protection

  • Save cost

    Full aluminum, ultra light and slim

    Lower cost of installation and transportation

  • Standard design

    Module installation hole are the same

    Suitable for different modules

  • Creative design

    Use curve design

    Support multi-angle splicing

  • Excellence picture quality

    Uniform brightness,vibrant colors

    Beautiful picture, more outstanding experience

  • Front and rear maintenance

    Support front and rear maintenance

    Dual power backup, more stable display


Super All-round Protection

High protection & weather resistance, adapt to all kinds of harsh outdoor environment

Unique mask, dustproof and IP65 waterproof

Dual channel independent heat dissipation, more stable and reliable performance

Standardized Design, Suitable for Different Modules

The hole size of modules at different point spacing is consistent and can be directly replacedAdopt arc design style, support multi-angle stitching, help you realize unlimited creativity


Excellent Picture Quality, Better Experience

Ultra high contrast, brighter, clearer display effect, bring a different audience experienceSuper wide viewing Angle, covering a wider range of people, greatly improving the advertising value per unit area


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