Solution overview

The goal of smart city is to promote prosperity, improve governance and benefit the people. The "wisdom" that impressed the government is the deep integration of big data, AI, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other New ICT technologies into government business services and urban application services, so that the government can truly perceive the value brought by digital technology, promote the development of digital economy and improve people's living standards. LCF offers wisdom city "cloud (cloud management platform) + terminal (multi-function intelligent pole and related products)" the overall solution, rod realizes the front-end data acquisition and perception by wisdom, 5G for efficient transmission, LED display to provide large data visualization and intelligent interaction, easily implement a overview screen, screen operations. LCF is committed to realizing pole-screen interconnection and multi-terminal interconnection, creating conditions for refined and intelligent management of cities, helping to implement the development strategy of "digital government" and "digital economy", bringing the digital world into every person, every family and every organization, and building an intelligent world connected to everything.


Solution Highlights

  • Situational Awareness and Operation Monitoring

    Get through the data of different departments and different business systems, combined with thematic models and algorithms,Visualize urban situational awareness, and run monitoring and early warning analysis on the cloud management platform

  • Policy Support

    According to the different needs of early warning information, social governance issues and special meetings,Use city big data and AI to analyze the root cause, time, location and other factors of the problem, and find out the solution to solve the problem in time

  • Linkage Command

    Open up business flow and communication resources, realize cross-departmental unified command, and link up and down,Really realize the whole process management from early warning, analysis, disposal and tracking,The emergency management system combined with screens and lampposts enhances the government's emergency response capabilities

  • Multi-type Data Fusion

    The system supports the integration of multiple types of data including geographic information, GPS data, tilt photography data, statistical data, and camera capture images.And multi-platform, multi-departmental data integration, comprehensive control of the overall situation of the city

Relevant Cases