China Opto-optoelectronics Industry Association visited LCF and its innovative development was highly praised!

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2021-05-21 09:44 Views: 1220

On May 19th, the leaders of China Opto-optoelectronics Industry Association visited LCF Light&Sound Optoelectronic Smart Industrial Park and had a in-depth communication and guidance with the company founder Ms. Long Pingfang. Deputy Secretary-General Hong Zhen stressed that Guangdong should firmly grasp the development advantages and stage characteristics, speed up the development of new infrastructure, promote the high-quality development of LED industry to create a strong new engine!

        Association leaders visited the headquarters of LCF guided by LCF founder Ms.Long Pingfang, as association director unit, within the Venus building first floor multifunctional studio, Ms.Long explained the company "sound and light smart integration strategy" development thought, from the company as a whole product solutions to specific product features one by one to do the detailed introduction, For example, the reason why the dragon series products named after the general surname "dragon" are named: Dragon has always been the embodiment of authority and power in Traditional Chinese culture. LCF chooses "dragon" as a brand product culture, which not only reflects the development vision of a century-old enterprise, but also aims to create the top brand in the industry and be the leader in the display industry. Similarly, LCF designs the products with the Dragon chinese cluture, is intended to stand foundations, innovative forms, will "Long Xianxi", "Long Yixi", "Long TengXi", to implement the strategy of product "dragon in the world" of the new ecological layout, they are at the same time, give us a good message to the world China's smart leaping and China brand! 

Tea party
        In addition, Mr. Long personally demonstrated the latest generation of LTV intelligent terminal all-in-one machine for guests, which is one of the latest generation of LED intelligent products on the market at present! Standardized (16:9), more intelligent, to meet DLP/LCD products can not meet the blank market (more than 110 inches)! LTV2.0 has intelligent screen connection, video conference, remote collaboration, meeting recording and other functions. Remote video conference can meet multiple video window display, intelligent screen casting and intelligent terminal operation. Support wall-mounted installation, mobile vertical installation, installation is convenient and quick, start up and use, to achieve interaction before, during, after efficient management, so that all communication resources are fully utilized, is a real "intelligent" terminal. Leaders of the association give full affirmation and great appreciation to LTV. 

        Next, the leaders of the industry association visited the intelligent production workshop and had an in-depth understanding of the company's new infrastructure project "5G smart lamp pole" in 2020 and the complete industrial chain model of "cloud warehouse" featuring Internet leasing. For the company's innovative projects and models, leaders gave high recognition and praise; Praise lianchengfa can become "the world's Lianchengfa" in the future! 
SMT workshop equipment capacity introduction
Finally, the visit and guidance ended in a happy atmosphere. We believe that with the support and guidance of these leaders, the future road of LCF will be more brilliant!