Product Parameters

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Cabinet Size: 500*500*62.5mm

Weight: 6kg

Material: precision die-cast aluminum

Pixel Pitch: P1.5625 / P1.95 / P2.5 / P2.604 / P2.97 / P3.91

Module Size: 250*250mm

Six Core Highlights

Offer competitive,reliable scene solutions to customers

  • Extreme Thin

    Ultra Lightweight Cabinet

  • Quick Lock Design

    One Person Can Complete the Installation

  • Comfortable Handle

    Easier to Move

  • Super Protection

    Waterproof and Knock Resistant

  • Standardized Design

    Compatible Modules

  • Front and Rear Maintenance

    Easier to Maintain


Super Lightweight, Extraordinary Refined

Super lightweight cabinet, only 6.5kg, thickness: 62.5mm

Comfortable handles, easy to take and carry the cabinet

Super Protection, Waterproof and Knock-resistant

Angle protector effectively reduce the risk of knocking against the lamp during transportationAnti-scratch lamp surface, mask convex design enhances the surface of the module collision resistance and make sure the product is more durable,Super waterproof, protection grade up to IP65, unafraid of rainstorm


Excellent display, complete high-definition picture quality

Excellent graphics display, the picture is exquisite and lifelike, eye-opening160° ultra wide viewing angle, complete without color bias, different angles to enjoy the same wonderful scene

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