Hainan Smart Lamppost Project

Project introduction: This is a multifunctional smart Lamppost project of Lianchengfa located in Hainan. Constructed ubiquitous and equal opportunity urban services for citizens. Through the construction of smart sharing pole project, based on the application functions of smart sharing pole and the edge computing capabilities of 5G smart box, it can meet the daily needs of people’s livelihood for lighting, wireless Internet access, and information Information and monitoring call for help, provide convenience and benefit services, improve the management and service capabilities of government departments, and improve infrastructure management and maintenance capabilities. Lianchengfa provides a smart city "cloud (cloud management platform) + terminal (multi-functional smart pole and related supporting products)" overall solution, through smart pole to achieve front-end data collection and perception, 5G for efficient transmission, LED display provides large Data visualization and intelligent interaction make it easy to realize one-screen overview and on-screen combat.

Product model: Multifunctional smart Lamppost

Project area: 2 kilometers

Project location: Hainan

Project time: March 2019




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