Solution Overview

The command and control center is the core part of daily business management, decision-making, and emergency handling. It plays an important role in smart cities, traffic police command, public safety, emergency rescue, civil air defense, command and dispatch, security monitoring, finance and other fields. The control room solution created by Lianchengfa provides customers with a safe, stable and convenient data information comprehensive display platform. Combining the big data acquisition and data analysis technology, ultra-high-definition 5G map, modern communication technology, data visualization technology, high-definition display and control integration and other technologies,and equipped with international advanced technology LED large-screen display, distributed seats and intelligent control system, it can form a complete set of actual combat application platform of the command center integrating software, hardware and service. Easily realize data, graphics, images, video and other information linkage switching, real-time display, full-screen display and other functions, and truly help each command and control center scene to achieve efficient operation of flat command, linkage integration and process visualization.


Solution Highlights

  • Visualization of Command & Dispatch

    Real-time display of multi-dimensional panoramic view

  • Ultra HD Display

    High dynamic HDR technology, ultra high resolutionEasily realize the refined display of ultra-high-definition and high-dynamic images

  • Integration & Linkage

    Intelligent dynamic association of information, real-time data comparison and analysisLinkage command plan assistance, three-dimensional resource scheduling

  • 24/7 Video Surveillance

    7*24H uninterrupted work, live video can be viewed in real-timeDisplay screen information in all directions, quickly make emergency plans