Solution overview

LCF’s commercial performance  solutions provide all-round stage-setting design, to help users stream in HD without interruption. It has a complete set of professional audio and video processing systems for live stages, and its own unique full-pressure cast aluminum sealed box body, combined with its unique quick-lock design and splicing and fine-tuning mechanism, to easily and quickly realize seamless high-precision splicing of the whole screen, low brightness, high gray and high refresh, making the display picture more delicate and vivid. When the realistic picture is perfectly combined with the shocking music, it creates a dream-like stage effect, allowing the audience at the scene to be fully immersed in it, immersed in the passionate atmosphere of the scene, participating in the starry and brilliant audiovisual feast throughout the entire process, and letting creativity ignite your stage performance power. This solution is mainly used in indoor and outdoor stage backgrounds, concerts, large events, conference forums, exhibition displays, stage performances, TV stations, wedding activities, hotels, bars, KTV and other high-quality rental venues.

Culture, Tourism and Performing Arts

Key Features

  • Performance LED displayPerformance LED display

    Excellent Image Quality, HD Live Streaming

    High contrast, high refresh rate, high gray level and high dynamic HDR with color point-by-point calibration technology support 4K/8K full HD live broadcast display

  • Stage background LED displayStage background LED display

    Professional Stage Design, Endless Creativity

    Arc led screen, cylindrical led screen, circular led screen, tile led screen, etc., can easily realize various creative shapes to show your creativity and uniqueness

  • Stage LED displayStage LED display

    Professional System, Convenient Playback

    Equipped with professional audio and video processing system to meet the access of different video signals, real-time synchronization playback of various HD pictures

  • led screenled screen

    Lightweight Cabinet, Efficient Installation and Uninstallation

    The new light frame and double-sided quick-lock design make the box body lighter and easier to install and maintain. It supports one-person fast installation and saves labor and time cost

Relevant Cases