Shenzhen LCF Technology Co.,LTD plays a leading role in led display industry,which provides system solutions for medium and high-end led full color display products. as a state-level high-tech enterprise with registered capital of nearly 70 million usd,LCF is specializing in led application products from developing,manufacturing,sales to service.

  • Stadium LED display solution According to function and use application, sports LED display can be divided into score LED screen, perimeter LED screen, advertising LED display and etc.  In&nb...

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  • Stage rental LED display solution features Application: • Mainly used in high-end entertainment venues, theme parks, bars, discos, auditoriums, grand theaters, large-scale concerts, music tour, r...

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  • Advertising LED Display Solution Compared to traditional printed advertising billboard, LED display billboard's motion graphic commercials can deliver more vivid content to viewers. it can easily sche...

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  • TV Studio solution: With the improvement of LED display technology, the large LED screen wall of TV stations has been increasingly favored by the directors. The colorful and realistic led sc...

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  Shenzhen LCF Technology Co.,Ltd.was established in November 2004,as a professional LED display factory R&D,design,manufacturing,sales and service as one of the national high-tech enterprises,registered capital of 60 million RMB.In 2015,it changed to a joint venture enterprise,headquartered in Shenzhen,China,adjacent to Bao’an International Airport.Gradually,it has won the the honor as"National High-tech Enterprise","Software Enterprise",""national quality inspection of qualified products","China Optics and Optoelectronics Industry Association","Shenzhen Software Association."       hailand,Italy,Argentina and more than 90 countries the company has established good cooperative relations.Lianchengfa made high-quality products,quality service and integrity and pragmatic style,winning the good reputation of the industry,at the same time,it was also the display design and supplier of the Beijing Olympic Games,Shanghai World Expo,the 2012 European Cup stadiums Ukraine,2012 Kuwait Futsal World Cup venues,Australia stadiums.   LCF has a lot of first-class automated production equipment from Japan,Germany,the United States,South Korea and other countries,also have LED industry senior management,R&D and production team.Independently developed core components of LED application products--LED lights,using their own upstream LED packaging technology,and advanced technology.With LED lights and software control system as the core technology,to develop out outdoor full color LED display,LED indoor full color display,LED information guide screen,LED sports screen,LED network advertising screen,LED stage display,LED lighting R&D projects,LED lighting product development,production,sales and engineering services.Doing a lot of contributions to the government and corporate image to provide engineering,commercial engineering,service information broadcast platform,"turnkey"solutions.   LCF LED Display Factory providing LED display,Outdoor LED display,curtain LED display,Small spacing LED display,LED display monitor,Indoor led screen and rented LED display

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  With thirteen years'accumulation,LCF forged a team of elites with professional skills,initiatives,courage for innovation and strong capacity of execution,which brings to the company constant new ideas and steady development and expansion   The company has been exercising the technical discipline of sparing no effort in tackling key problems,sharing with sincerity and pursuing technique spirit.Focusing on independent technical research and development and scientific modern administration methods,the company has attracted various talents such as Indian-English PH.D.,high-level talents certified by Shenzhen Municipality,master's degree holders and bachelor's degree holders,constituting the administration and technical R&D team that is equipped with higher education background and technical experience,supervised by professional managers and led by experienced experts.Their tacit cooperation in product development,marketing and maintenance demonstrates in great depth the work guideline of"taking products as lifeline and customers as core".They apply the notion of"servicing"thoroughly to each detail of corporate operation and administration,which earned customers'trust and support widely.   The company professional LED Display Factory is by now in possession of over 70 patented items,20%of which are patented inventions,including two items of PCT international patented technology.

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Shenzhen LCF technology co.,LTD.,13 years of LED optoelectronic integrated domain brand manufacturers,LED Display Factory,products related to LED display,LED lighting and LED lighting.To provide you with the latest news and information of LED.


After-Sale Service On the strength of our cutting-edge technologies, precise market positioning, and customer research, LCF has developed a service capability that fully meets our client’s requirements. LCF is a provider of professional solutions for a range of industries, including advertising, sports, staging, television, transportation, etc. LCF employs more than 500 R&D engineers specialized in LED applications in computer hardware, software, digital communications, automation, photoelectric display and mechanical structure. With the backing of this highly-qualified research team, LCF is capable of developing professional, personalized LED solutions to our customers. We provide LED lighting and display solutions to multiple high-profile clients every year, including national governments, urban infrastructure organizations, advertising companies, and major events.

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Shenzhen Lianchengfa(LCF)Technology Co.,Ltd.was founded in 2004,with a registered capital of 90.69 million yuan.LCF is a joint venture company,professional LED Display Factory,and its headquarter is in Baoan district,Shenzhen,with a favorable location and convenient transportation.LCF has successfully listed on May 19,2016(stock code:837293).Mainly products of its company are LED full-color high-definition display,LED green-lighting display,and LED energy-saving lighting display.LCF also is the first batch of national high-tech certified enterprises. Since its establishment,LCF had won the honor of"National High-tech Enterprise","Double Software Enterprise","National Quality Inspection Qualified Product Enterprise"and"Shenzhen Software Association Member","National Quality Trustworthy Product","the New-Sanban 30 Strong Enterprises","AAA Grade Credit Enterprise","Shenzhen City,the Development of Semiconductor Lighting Lndustry Association Board of Supervisors Units"and other awards,and
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