Solution overview

LCF is the world's leading provider of integrated sound and photoelectric integrated solutions for stadiums and sports events.It has been committed to providing first-class and professional integrated solutions for global mid-to-high-end events, and providing overall customized solutions for customer stadiums and smart venues.Integrating LED display + display control program + audio and video + lighting design + control, it involves various types of sports, and can provide different solutions for different sports scenes.LCF issued indoor venue solutions, integrating game timing and scoring system, game subtitle system, live score live system etc,assist to complete multiple functions such as match information display, multimedia information display, live broadcast, score overlay, slow motion playback, and fan interactive experience etc.Comprehensively improve the service quality of the event, so that every audience in the venue can see every detail of the game, and bring an unparalleled visual feast to the audience.LCF developed outdoor stadium lighting solutions, integrating professional lighting + stadium lighting + display information release + centralized control system to provide overall solutions for stadiums. LCF sports stadium display products are intensively cultivated in the field of stadiums and sports competitions, and close to the actual application of the stadium.According to the requirements of international sports organizations, through positive product development and design, LCF now has a complete product line.Our screen is active in Beijing Wukesong Stadium, Changsha Helong Stadium, Malaysia Johor Bahru Football Stadium, Australia Tasmania Stadium and other domestic and foreign venues, as well as on the international stage of Ukraine European Football Championship, French European Football Championship, Kuwait Emir Cup etc.

LED stadium screen

Solution Highlights

  • LED stadium fence screenLED stadium fence screen

    Excellent Quality of Image,Extraordinary Experience

    High contrast, high refresh rate, high gray scaleHigh dynamic HDR and point-by-point correction technologySupport 4K/8K full HD live display

  • led video wallled video wall

    Multi-model Design, Unlimited Creativity

    Fence led screen,bucket led screen,curved led screen ectthe LED screens can easily realize a variety of creative shapesShow your creativity and uniqueness

  • led video wallled video wall

    HD Live Broadcast

    Real-time live broadcast of the event,advertising displaysDifferent areas can play different contentPerfect support for remote control

  • LED advertising screenLED advertising screen

    High Stability Display

    Professional technical solutionsIntegrated design, enhance the overall imagePerfect construction process

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