Hong Tao, the host of "1 Time" in Shenzhen, calls you to visit Lianchengfa

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     It is a brilliant historical record and has a great reputation; it has superb skills and a national high-tech enterprise; it, "2015 most investment brand enterprise", shows that its business influences the world; it, the top ten brands in the LED industry, has more than 30,000 project cases worldwide One, it is the brand star of the LED industry-Lianchengfa Technology. 

Group photo of Ms. Long Pingfang, the founder of Lianchengfa, and Mr. Hong Tao, the famous host of Shenzhen TV
      He is hardworking and diligent; he is wise and humorous; he is involved in a wide range of categories; he is the "National Outstanding People's Livelihood News Host"; he is the "Shenzhen Radio and Television Group Top Ten Hosts"; he is the "1 Time" host of Shenzhen TV Station; He is the good man in the eyes of his wife and the good father in the eyes of his children; he is "Hong Tao".
    Being a good word-of-mouth man, Hong Tao meets the charm of Lianchengfa, and when entertainment meets technology, they will burst out infinitely exciting together! 
     On April 19, 2016, Mr. Hong Tao, the famous host of Shenzhen TV Station "1 Time", was invited by Long Pingfang, the founder of Lianchengfa, to visit our company during his busy schedule. As an old friend of Lianchengfa, he has been deeply loved by Lianchengfa. Chengfa people love, and there are many Lianchengfa fans. Mr. Hong Tao received the warm hospitality of Ms. Long Pingfang. He visited the production workshop and office successively, and highly praised and affirmed the production management and humanistic environment. Mr. Hong Tao said that he came out of the factory and has a deep friendship with the current factory workshop. He came to Lianchengfa's production workshop and he felt a lot. 
The famous host of Shenzhen TV, Mr. Hongtao, the founder of Lianchengfa, Ms. Long Pingfang, and the director of the planning department Zhong Zhijun took a group photo
      Mr. Hong Tao said: “It’s been a while. Lianchengfa has undergone great changes. The state of the staff has become more sunny, and the humanistic environment of the company has a more cultural atmosphere. The company is full of positive energy. To today’s Lianchengfa "Scientific production management, high-quality sales management, and attentive full service" are very gratified. This is the best demonstration of Lianchengfa Group’s active pursuit of excellence and development. Mr. Hong Tao also wished Lianchengfa can realize the ambition of listing as soon as possible. , To speed up the pace to win the international famous brand of LED.