Hangcheng Sub-district Federation of Industry and Commerce (Chamber of Commerce) Leaders Visited LCF

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2021-03-11 19:14 Views: 1240

On March 11th, Executive Vice President Ma Junming and vice President Qiu Chuxiong of Baoan District Hangcheng Sub-district Association of Industry and Commerce (Chamber of Commerce) and vice Director Pan Dongli of Hangcheng Sub-district Enterprise Innovation Service Center visited the headquarters of LCF. Wei Yuhong, vice president of marketing of LCF, and other senior executives warmly received the visiting leaders.


Hangcheng Sub-district Federation of Industry and Commerce (Chamber of Commerce) was founded in 2018. With the purpose of promoting development, standardizing operation, strengthening communication and information integration, the Chamber of Commerce has long been committed to promoting the communication between the government and enterprises, guiding enterprises to operate in good faith and legally, helping and supporting vulnerable groups, which plays an important guiding role in promoting the healthy development and sustainable progress of Bao 'an economy.


The visiting leaders first visited the multifunctional studio of LCF headquarters. Wei always lead to visit introduces the developing course of LCF, partners, and in recent years, the achievements and honors, and showed the visiting leaders LCF small spacing LED display, 5G multifunctional wisdom pole, meeting all-in-one, immersive virtual simulation scenario, transparent screen, screen stadium, floor tile, screen and a series of industry-leading innovative results. Through listening to the introduction and personal experience, the visiting leaders spoke highly of LCF's product innovation and technological innovation ability, and appreciated the advantages and mature application of LCF's LED display technology.



At the forum, LCF representative of Wei, extended a warm welcome to Ma Junming, Executive Vice President and his delegation, and the leaders at the meeting had an in-depth exchange on the development trend of the LED industry and the construction of 5G smart stick and smart ecology. Wei said, 5G era as the LED application data entry and ultimate intelligent interactive core, will be in new is essential in the construction of urban infrastructure and wisdom, and hope that the future can city streets and a federation of industry and commerce (chamber of commerce) to carry out more cooperation, expanding LED display products and applications, through information, interconnection and resource sharing, achieve a win-win development.


Ma Junming, Executive Vice President of LCF, thanked LCF for its warm reception and affirmed its leading role in LED display industry. LCF, he said, relying on technical innovation and pattern innovation, not only won the industry hundreds of honor, patents and copyright, also the Chinese LED display technology and smart power to the world, set up the LCF send LED display products and solutions in a global good image, the more the Bao’an made great contributions to the development of economy. The chamber of Commerce will continue to strengthen the cooperation and exchange with LCF, and jointly promote the healthy and sustainable development of LED display industry and Bao 'an economy.


As a member of Bao’an enterprises, LCF will take this visit as an opportunity to adhere to technology and product innovation, deepen cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce, and contribute to the healthy development of LED display industry and smart city construction in China.