Highlights of the 14th Anniversary of LCF

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August 31, 2018

The 14th anniversary celebrations came to a successful conclusion 

Thank you to all the guests and friends 

Your trust is our motivation to persist 

Your satisfaction is the direction of our efforts

Your smile is our unremitting pursuit

The turn of summer and autumn, is the harvest season, although the wind and rain, but flowers still, the day is not far. On the evening of August 31, 2018, The "E Anniversary and Ms. Long Pingfang's Birthday Banquet" was successfully held in Shenzhen Dunhill Hotel. With the theme of "Pursuing Dreams with new wind and Forging Dreams with Originality", the party vividly displayed the "transformation" of LCF (stock code: 837293) in the past 14 years.


▲On-site Photo

The scene was full of friends and merchants. Liao Shengzhu, Vice President of Hualong Securities Co., Ltd., Li Jun, Vice President of Essence Securities and Chairman of Essence Qianhong Investment Co., Ltd., Ma Xuemei, Vice President of Investment Division II of Shenzhen Innovation Investment Group, Zeng Huifeng, Section Chief of Party Branch of Baoan United Front Work Department, Hangcheng Street Office Xu Sheng, Deputy Director, Zhang Junhui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Anshun Urban Industrial Park, Wu Sibing, Chairman of Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Industry Development Promotion Association, Shi Weili, Chairman of Shenzhen Lighting and Display Engineering Industry Association, Shi Jun, Leader of Zhonglin Times Holdings Co., Ltd. , Zeng Yongjie, Chairman of Beijing Hongboguan, Liu Jie, General Manager of Shenzhen Zhongnan Hongyuan Investment Management Co., Ltd., Zeng Daisi, representative of Bank of Guangdong Finance Equity Investment Fund Management (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., General Manager of Hangzhou Xinjunyi Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd. Liu Shangjun, Chairman of Guangdong Ruiyu Investment Co., Ltd. Lin Yingshi, Managing Director of Galaxy Financial Group Equity Investment Center Chen Yingjun, Chairman of Taiwan Business District TV Station Cai Congyuan, Chairman of Kuangbiao Media Group, World Lighting Times, World Lighting Network Editor Huang He, HC LED screen Network general manager Teng Zehuan and many other guests gathered together with Lianchengfa's family and friends to witness this beautiful moment together. 

▲Moderator: Shenzhen Satellite TV Ren Hongtao, Shenzhen Venture Capital and Feng Lu

The lights are focused and the stars are gleaming. The opening dance "Water World" ignited the atmosphere of the whole party and kicked off the celebration. The LED black technology presided over the time and space of light and shadow, and simulated the speech of the mascot of LCF, "Shuaishuai". All the participants Shocked, the whole venue was filled with moving power and warmth.

▲Address by the founder, Ms. Long Pingfang
Looking back on the achievements, the founder shared his entrepreneurial journey to everyone in his speech. In her speech, Ms. Long Pingfang specifically mentioned the word "Thanksgiving"-to be grateful for the encounters of colleagues and partners on the road to entrepreneurship; to be grateful for the selfless dedication of parents and relatives and friends; to be grateful for the concern of the Semiconductor Association, the Sichuan Chamber of Commerce, the Guang'an Chamber of Commerce and other business associations Support; Thanks for the trust and support of customers, suppliers, distributors, global agents and shareholders of Shenzhen Venture Capital, Bank of China Yuecai, New Goldfish, Guosen Fund, etc., and thank Essence Securities and Hualong Securities for their persistent persistence. The cooperation of the departments and the diligence and responsibility of all employees.......

▲Speech by Chairman Huang Qingfeng

Mr. Huang Qingfeng said in his speech that the company has been continuously creating brilliance in the industry since its establishment. Up to now, LCF has accumulated more than 30,000 excellent cases in LED full-color display, LED indoor and outdoor lighting, LED city lighting and other fields, established good cooperative relations with companies in more than 100 countries and regions, and has more than 20 independent overseas agents. The company was listed on May 19, 2016 and has been selected as the innovation layer of the New Third Board twice. In 2016 and 2017, the growth rate of LCF's operating revenue reached 117.6% and 31.5% respectively, realizing two large-scale financing led by "Shenzhen Venture Capital". The development situation is stable and improving, and WE believe that LCF will be better in the future.


▲Speech by Ma Xuemei, Vice President of the Second Investment Department of Shenzhen Innovation Investment Group, the shareholder's representative 

▲Essence Securities Vice President, Essence Gan Hong Investment Co., LTD. Chairman Li Jun delivered a speech


▲Wu Sibing, president of Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Industry Development promotion Association, delivered a speech


▲Party Opening Ceremony

"The prosperous world that the world is watching, we present. We spread the moments that many people are looking forward to..." When the familiar melody sounds, what kind of memories will you recall? The original singer of the corporate song "Crystal Color" Deng Hai appeared in the venue, the melody is passionate High and inspiring. The song reveals the common vision of LCF people, and the synchronized VCR shows LCF's 14-year development achievements and the imprints it has brought to the city, allowing guests to have a more three-dimensional and profound understanding of LCF.


The path of growth is inseparable from the close cooperation of partners and the strong support of friends. In order to thank the company's partners and customers who have been working hard and pioneering for the past 14 years of development, LCF issued various exciting awards.

▲AAAAA Supplier Award Presentation Scene


▲Gold Supplier Award Scene


▲The most powerful distributor (domestic channel)  

The world is big and small, and the achievements in channel development are obvious to all. There are few blank areas. Will you be the home of the channels in the future? 

▲"Grand Exhibition" (thanks to Daqin Fund)

Time is a ruler, measuring life meticulously. Perseverance in ingenuity, hard work, dedication, breakthroughs, innovation..., because of you, we can share this glorious moment together here!


▲Originality prize
▲Hard Work Award


▲Pioneering Award 


▲Innovation Award 

▲Thriving Prize

▲Cappella "I Believe in the Star"
Tagore wrote in Stray Birds: I believe that among the stars, there is always one that guides my soul through the unknown darkness... Faith is the bird which feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark. The lyrics are vivid, subtle and delicate, and have a different lasting appeal.

▲Dance Performance Golden Dreams
This is a magnificent and imaginative interactive dance. Truly achieve naked eye 3D, human-screen interaction. The graceful dance of the dancers perfectly matched the LED display, and the whole dance was full of sense of science and technology, demonstrating the charm of the "LCF" brand.

▲Stage Play "Her"

Achievement is heroic, and experience is precious. Based on a real event, the stage play "Her" tells the hard story of the founder of LCF, Ms. Long Pingfang, at the beginning of her business. On the way to watch, editor suddenly thought of "day will fall so people also, must first suffer, labor, hungry body skin, empty of its body..." This paragraph comes, presumably in the taste, not personally can not observe also.

▲Colorful Guizhou

National dance "Colorful Guizhou", let us feeling thick nationality amorous feelings, have to mention LCF subsidiary Anshun City Shunda Technology Co., Ltd, from the clean room to clean workshop to fully automated production lines, 60 days after only a short span of time, this is the continuation of Shenzhen speed in Guizhou Anshun, this is also send speed is the comprehensive embodiment of LCF The production of Lianshunda promotes the channel layout of LCF to go more smoothly and expand wider.

▲Adapted from We Are Not the Same

The tide is flat and the shore is wide, and the wind is coming. The adapted version of "We Are Different" shows LCF's magnificent and magnificent road through interspersed rap. "Only after the 81st difficulty can you taste the sweetness of the sweetness." "The listing on the New Third Board is just the script of LCF's ambition, and the IPO listing has long been targeted." The characteristic rap method is added to the exploration of the "LCF" corporate spirit. The lyrics are fully expressed, and the wonderful combination of the two has actually got a delicate balance.


▲Holographic Magic
The long-awaited holographic magic is like a big play, the play is a curtain dream, the dream is a heartbeat, full of guests all stretch out their necks, sidelong eyes, smile, hey sigh, think wonderful.

▲Birthday Party (Ms. Long Ping Fong)

Every big woman who "points out the country and promotes words" lives in the heart of a big woman who is charged outside. She does not need to be more beautiful, more responsible, more mature; it can be willful, simple, and flexible. When the time was fixed at 9:20 that night, the music sounded, the lady of etiquette slowly walked into the dance hall pushing the birthday cake, and the guests clapped their hands and sang the birthday song, and good wishes came and went. Such a scene, I must think of it occasionally, and it feels particularly warm. 

▲Soulful duet of "Tales of Time"
Back in time, the feelings remain the same. In my memory, all the hard work is just a scene, a fragment. On the VCR, the precious old photos reappeared again, which made everyone sigh with emotion. Ms. Long Pingfang and Mr. Huang Qingfeng sang "The Story of Time" affectionately, paying tribute to the ups and downs that have gone through together.

Reflect the sun and the moon fourteen years, bright cause moving sky; Tomorrow glory together. In such an unforgettable night, with the expectation and blessing for the future, LCF will continue to move forward firmly as always.


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