Jay Chou and Angela Chang are back on tour, and LCF led screen blows up the audience!

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The lights were on, the music was playing, and all the fans started to shake and shout wildly with the rhythm. In 2023, with the full recovery of the performance market, major events and performances can be seen everywhere, and many singers will return to the stage to start a world tour concert. Super star such as Jay Chou and Angela Chang have held their own concerts. In addition, There was a grand opening of Guangzhou GETshow, a big show of hundreds of "changes". LCF LT S series transparent screen products created a creative stage for it, and it shined brilliantly at the scene, bringing a wonderful audio-visual feast to tens of thousands of fans from all over the world with cool and personalized stage visual effects.

stage light show

Angela Chang "Fable" World Tour Concert in Nanning

On May 2,A bright and grand sea of lights was lit up in Nanning Guangxi Sports Center Stadium with the warm cheers of nearly 40,000 spectators. Let the "fable" glow with vigorous new life. That's right, this is the first stop of Angela Chang's "Fable" world tour concert in 2023, and it will set sail here.

LED transparent screen

In order to bring a different visual experience to the audience, the stage art, audio-visual of this concert were all required to be presented with reference to extremely high standards. The newly upgraded choreography has both a sense of power and a sense of story, and every detail strives for perfection. The dance beauty display products adopt LCF LT S series transparent screen (1200 square meters) and microphone type fluorescent sticks (36000 pieces) series products. LCF's LT S series transparent screen, with its ultra-high-definition picture quality, bright and soft color expression, echoes the lighting and performances, and changes the screen content with the rhythm of the music, instantly "ignites" the atmosphere of the scene, creating an immersive experience for the audience. entertainment space.

Angela Chang Nanning Concert

light stick

As the creative director, Angela Chang participated in the whole process of these dream-like visual choreography. The stage creativity runs through her ideas and suggestions. From rehearsal to the completion of the performance, Angela Chang always insists on being responsible for the stage effect, adhering to the concept of meticulousness, and LCF's team cooperated to complete the perfect shaping of stage art.

Stage LED transparent screen

Jay Chou "Carnival" World Tour Concert in Hong Kong

From May 5th to 14th, Jay Chou's "Carnival" World Tour Concert held 7 performances in Hong Kong's central waterfront event space. Facing the gorgeous sea view of Victoria Harbour, the first song opened with a dazzling high-altitude fireworks show and the Ferris wheel in the surrounding amusement park, which just echoed the theme of the concert "Carnival".

Jay Chou Hong Kong Concert

The concert scene was blown by the cool sea breeze, the passionate music and the cool and eye-catching stage effects completely ignited the enthusiasm of the fans. Among them, the immersive stage made by LCF LT S series transparent screen and spherical screen has become a highlight of this concert. LCF LT series spherical screens are assembled by combining 6 units. Each unit group can not only play video independently, but also can be spliced together to play a complete picture. Through the 360° full-view display, the perfect combination of realistic pictures and shocking music allows the audience to fully immerse themselves in the warm live atmosphere and enjoy this magnificent visual feast.

LED spherical screen

LCF light stick

The 22,800 fluorescent sticks used in this concert are still LCF's heart-shaped fluorescent stick series products, with built-in sensor chips, which support multiple field control methods. The colors of all fluorescent sticks are uniformly controlled through field control, so that the entire venue sometimes becomes a "purple sky", sometimes converges into a "blue ocean", and sometimes shines into a "pink sea of lights"... In addition, DIY editing is also possible More colors and flashing patterns, such as left and right flowing water, marquees, etc., can also be edited according to the actual placement of the product. The pride is still unfinished.

Stage LED display

2023 GETshow

From May 8th to 11th, the GETshow, which has attracted much attention, was grandly opened at 5D-01, Hall 5, Level 3, Guangzhou Poly Exhibition Hall. LCF brought innovative achievements such as cultural tourism business performance solutions and Longteng series transparent screens to the scene, and jointly created an immersive audio-visual feast with major lighting and choreography industry giants!


As the protagonist of the GETshow stage display, the pillar screens, sky screens, opening and closing screens and other screens on both sides of the stage are the most eye-catching, radiant and dazzling, attracting many audiences to stop and check in. The display effect shocked the audience . The large screen of the entire GETshow stage is made of LCF LT S series LED transparent screen, with a total of 360m². By matching various lighting, sound, video and various stage equipment and mechanical devices, it presents multi-level and three-dimensional stage visual effects.

Transparent screen

LCF LT S series transparent screen adopts a unique hollow design structure, which has the characteristics of ultra-thin, high transparency, strong wind resistance, GOB anti-collision and other characteristics, which not only reduces the burden on the stage, but also brings endless imagination to the audience space. At the same time, it has the advantages of high refresh rate, high stability, waterproof, etc., and is not afraid of extreme weather; with its excellent product performance and excellent display effect, it has been favored by audiences since its launch. It is also a variety of indoor and outdoor stage modeling, stage performance, The main screen used in exhibition and other fields.

stage light show

In many events in May, LCF LT S series transparent screen and fluorescent stick series products lived up to expectations, successfully completed the stage display task, and received unanimous praise from the organizers and the audience. The organizers of major events expressed their future We will continue to cooperate in depth.

Transparent LED screen

In the future, LCF will continue to focus on technology and product innovation, add new vitality and brilliance to various activities and performances around the world with better LED display products and stage display solutions, and use technology to endow art with more possibilities.