Warmly Welcome the Leaders of Bao'an District People’s Congress to Visit LCF for Investigation

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On the afternoon of November 19th, Mr. Qiao Yongpu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Working Committee of the People’s Congress of Bao’an District, Shenzhen, led a delegation of the CPPCC National People’s Congress to visit the headquarters of LCF for a thorough understanding of the company’s production and operation status and existing problems. , Coordinate the difficulties and demands of enterprise development on the spot, inject confidence into the rapid development of the enterprise, and demonstrate the efficient and pragmatic work style of Hangcheng Sub-district Office. Ms.Long Pingfang, the founder and president of LCF, led the company's executives to warmly receive the visiting leaders.



The visiting leaders visited the multifunctional studio of LCF. Mr.Xie Jin, Vice President of Operations of LCF introduced the development history, core business and operation of LCF to the visiting leaders, and showed the LCF long series of LED displays, transparent screens, immersive experience halls, and intelligent terminal all-in-ones to the visiting leaders. A series of innovative technological achievements such as 5G smart poles, as well as the achievements of LCF in the development and construction of countries, industries, localities and organizations. Through listening to the introduction and personal experience, the visiting leaders expressed their affirmation and congratulations to LCF’s product innovation, technological innovation capabilities and various honorary awards in development, and also expressed their affirmation and congratulations on LCF’s LED HD display technology and smart city "cloud + terminal" The advantages and mature applications of the integrated solution are appreciated. 


Immersive Experience Hall


During the survey, Secretary Qiao Yongpu affirmed LCF's practice of focusing on epidemic prevention and promoting business operations this year. He pointed out that the vast number of private entrepreneurs in Shenzhen love the party, the country, and their diligence and dedication are outstanding in various research activities across the country. They are very full of responsiblity. In response to the improvement of the business environment, the government will provide more convenient services and policy support for advanced manufacturing and the real economy. 


Smart pole cloud management platform


LCF Intelligent Integrated All-in-one Conference LTV Display 


Finally, Ms.Long Pingfang, the founder and president of LCF, and Secretary Mr.Qiao Yongpu and his party conducted in-depth exchanges on the LED industry, smart city construction and company development planning. President Ms.Long Pingfang said that LCF has been developing steadily over the past 16 years and has received support and help from leaders at all levels of the city and district. He sincerely thanks the leaders at the municipal and district levels and the Hangcheng Sub-district Enterprise Service Department for their help to solve practical problems. , LCF Association insists on practicing internal strength to share the government's worries, and uses the world's top technology, products and services to win more honors for the country to thank the government for its strong support. Secretary Qiao Yongpu praised LCF’s rapid development and achievements over the years. He encouraged Lianchengfa to continue to innovate and progress, gain insights into market changes, continue to maintain competitiveness, make the company bigger and stronger, and be positive about LCF’s future development. Blessings on development.


       The visiting leaders gave LCF greater confidence and encouragement. LCF expressed sincere gratitude to the visiting leaders for their visit and support. LiCF will seize the opportunities of the development of the times and make full use of them. The government's policy support, cultivating the LED display industry, insisting on scientific research and innovation, leading the development of the industry, striving for a world-class brand, and striving to become a world-class integrated service provider of sound, light, and optics, adding luster to China's smart manufacturing on the world stage!