Warm Congratulations on the Official Establishment of LCF Rescue Volunteer Team!

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2021-08-26 18:29 Views: 1342

Recently, Shenzhen LCF Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "LCF") rescue volunteer team establishment flag awarding ceremony and new volunteer training activities were successfully held in the Multi-functional Exhibition Hall of Shenzhen headquarters. Members of Hangcheng Sub-district Volunteer Association, secretary group, training group representatives and all members of LCF rescue volunteer team attended this activity.


Nie Guozhen, Director of Volunteer Association in Shenzhen Bao’an Hangcheng Sub-district, read the letter of approval on the establishment of Shenzhen LCF rescue volunteer team, and has carried on the grand flag ceremony, the scene hope LCF send relief volunteer team in the social public welfare activities, volunteer service can play a greater role. Then, all the members of the LCF rescue volunteer team took a solemn oath, solemnly and loudly read the volunteer oath, promising to "Do their best to help others, to serve the society..." Clank the oath, high spirit, on behalf of the LCF rescue volunteer team members selfless dedication heart.


After the establishment ceremony, the training group of Hangcheng Sub-district Volunteers Federation conducted a new volunteer knowledge training for LCF rescue volunteers. During the training, the lecturers explained the knowledge system of volunteers, the development history of volunteer union, and the responsibilities and obligations of volunteers in a simple way based on their own volunteer experience. At the same time, they also shared their years of work experience and practice cases, the training content is easy to understand, vivid and interesting, not only stimulate the enthusiasm for learning, but also deepen everyone's understanding of the profound connotation of "volunteer".


On the afternoon of August 21, under the arrangement and leadership of the representatives of Hangcheng Sub-district Volunteer Association, LCF rescue volunteers participated in the volunteer service activity of COVID-19 vaccine and epidemic prevention in Jiuwei community. After the assignment, the volunteers wore red vests and badges to maintain order, guided the masses to enter the site in an orderly manner, guided them to fill in information, and patiently answered questions and clarified their doubts. Despite the hot weather, the volunteers felt it was especially worthwhile to contribute to the vaccination campaign. The volunteers were so focused that even the medical staff could not help holding up their thumbs!


As a leading enterprise in LED display industry rooted in Bao’an, Shenzhen, LCF has now become a national high-tech enterprise with diversified development of business modules such as smart city, cultural and tourism commercial performance and advertising project. At the same time of its own development, it is also using practical actions to serve the society, actively spread the positive energy of the society, and become a temperature enterprise. The establishment of LCF Rescue volunteer team marks that LCF has embarked on a new journey of deepening volunteer service in an all-round way, and will further spread positive energy to the society, practice the spirit of volunteer service with actions, pass on civilization with love, and make more contributions to social public service. In the future, LCF rescue volunteer team will call on more LCF staffs to join the volunteer service team, unite everyone's tiny efforts to help those in need, focus and amplify the positive energy of the society, and contribute more to the construction of a harmonious and civilized society.