Congratulations to LCF Content Technology for Settling in People's Network (Xiamen) Content Technology Industrial Park

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2021-12-22 10:35 Views: 715

On the evening of December 17th, at the National Finals Award Ceremony of the 4th People's Daily Online Content Technology Entrepreneurship Competition held in Xiamen, Fujian, LCF Content Technology and People's Daily Online (Xiamen) Content Technology Industrial Park formally signed a park entry ceremony to jointly explore digital Frontier technologies and future development directions in the fields of economy, digital culture, and content technology. Leaders such as Ma Li, vice chairman of the Chinese Society for Policy Research, former deputy editor-in-chief of People's Daily, Huang Xiaozhou, member of the Standing Committee of the Xiamen Municipal Committee and deputy mayor, Ye Zhenzhen, chairman of People's Daily Online, and Long Pingfang, founder and president of LCF Group, attended the awards ceremony.




People's Daily Online (Xiamen) Content Technology Industrial Park is located in the Wuyuan Bay area, the urban meeting room of Xiamen. It has high-value sea-view office space and high-quality exhibition and hotel supporting facilities. This industrial park is a cooperation project jointly built by People's Daily Online and Xiamen City, creating a new model and new path for cooperation between the central media and local governments. It aims to leverage the advantages of People's Daily Online as a central news media in the horizontal integration of resources and promote content technology. Develop and build an industrial highland, facilitate the high-quality development of content technology and Xiamen, and provide effective assistance for local economic development.



Since its establishment, Lianchengfa Content Technology has become a core enterprise in the cultural, creative, cultural tourism and content technology business of Lianchengfa Group. The establishment of the People's Daily Online (Xiamen) Content Technology Industrial Park is an important part of the development strategy adjustment of Lianchengfa Group. In the future, Lianchengfa Content Technology will break through the original LED display product line pattern, achieve full coverage of digital culture, cultural and creative visual display and content technology products, and continue to develop the cultural and creative cultural tourism and content technology markets, and is committed to providing users with LED displays. One-stop services such as product, sound and light, audio and video, creative planning, scheme design, project implementation, etc., strive to become a leader in content technology and cultural and creative visual display solutions.



Ms. Long Pingfang, President of LCF Group, said at the signing ceremony that Xiamen attaches great importance to digital culture and digital city construction. Thanks to People's Daily Online and the leaders of Xiamen City for giving LCF settled in People's Daily Online (Xiamen) Content Technology Industrial Park. Chance. In the future, LCF will work with People's Daily Online and Xiamen City to jointly promote the rapid development of digital culture and content technology industries, and hopes to combine years of hardware production experience and LED visual display integration solutions to contribute modestly to the development of Xiamen's digital economy.



After the meeting, People's Daily Chairman Ye Zhenzhen communicated with Ms. Long Pingfang, President of LCF Group, and said that content technology is a bright beacon, guiding you to the sea of stars. At present, content technology no longer only serves the production of media content in the traditional sense, but also serves the entire society of information content generation, information interaction, data analysis, and resource preservation. An important carrier and bridge for the deep integration of services and public services.