Teacher's Day | On the Road of Wind and Rain Life, Unforgettable Kindness of Teacher

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The calendar turned to September again,

Turn to this special day - Teachers' Day.

Despite having been away from campus for many years,

But what the teacher taught me,

It's still ringing in my ears today.

And because of that, I have a deeper understanding,

"Listen to the tao has successively, the art has specialized",

"In the company of three, there must be a teacher."

"Where the tao exists, the teacher exists."

Happy Teacher's Day, Happy Teacher's Day!

  Our teachers accompany us from kindergarten, elementary school, middle school to high school and college. Accompany us from childhood to youth; From ignorance to maturity! Three feet platform, three inches of tongue, three inches of pen, three thousand peaches and plums; Ten years of trees, ten years of wind, ten years of rain, one hundred thousand beams.


Life on the road of the teacher, but not limited to three feet of platform. Encountered, can only be described as "lucky" : in the work of a good mentor, career will progress; Having a mentor in your life will broaden your vision and improve your situation. Say "teacher", more "noble person".


Salute to every teacher on our way!


In LCF, we are all employees, family members, students and teachers. The company's rules and regulations, corporate culture, and how to maintain a good attitude at work, all need to be learned from each other. I hope that the old employees can transfer their knowledge, skills and experience to the new colleagues, and the new colleagues can transfer their passion and effort to the old colleagues, so that we can learn from each other and promote each other. On this occasion, I would like to thank the "teachers" -- Ms. Long Pingfang, founder of FROM LCF, who have worked hard, selfless and full of positive energy in the company.


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