LED new product launch conference | Dragon travels the world, shines on the stage!

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Dragon travels the world, the posture of the king

May 9

A new LED product launch conference that will subvert the rental market

Shine open at Guangzhou Asia International Hotel


    Experts, teachers, professionals in the performance industry, and news media gathered together to witness important moments in the development of Lianchengfa and look forward to the development trend of the LED rental screen industry.



   At the scene, the stars were dazzling and splendid. Mr. Chen Zhenggang, consultant of China Association for Performing Arts and Technology, and Mr. Sun Haifeng, Executive Deputy Secretary-General and Office Director of China Academy of Stage Art, respectively addressed the 2019 LED Rental Screen New Model Exchange Conference and New Product Launch Conference! Mr. Chen Hao, President of Best and International Registration Consultant, shared the "Enterprise Business Strategic Model Management" on the business model. Mr. Fu Yunheng, Chief Operating Officer of Hustle&Bustle in Singapore, shared the "Corporate Brand Positioning and Upgrade" on brand operation!


    Under the focus of the audience, the guests took the stage to raise the gold cup and dumped the sands. "Dragon Art-Born to Belong to the Stage" magically appeared in front of everyone. This is a sacred and historical moment!



  Behind the professional strength is the strong R&D force of Lianchengfa! Mr. Huang Yongqiang, Director of International Marketing & Product Manager of Lianchengfa, introduced to the guests the newly developed three LED display series of "Dragon Display", "Dragon Art" and "Long Teng", and focused on the application of the products on stage leasing Conducted an advantage analysis.



  Subvert the tradition, surpass yourself! Ms. Long Pingfang, the founder of Lianchengfa, gave a keynote speech on "Industry Chain Resource Integration-Lianchengfa Provides Accurate Services for Performing Artists", and won rounds of applause on the spot.



The success of an enterprise is more than just one person’s struggle. It also requires many efforts and blessings. It has provided services to the Guangdong Provincial Standing Committee, the Guangdong Provincial Government Development Research Center, the Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Economic and Information Commission, and the Department of Commerce of the Science and Technology Department. Mr. Liu Xiangyang, a supply chain expert with new thinking, new technology and new model of "Supply Chain+", explained to us "Supply Chain Financial Management". 


  Mr. Wang Bo, Deputy Secretary-General of Fujian Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association, President of Fujian Huarong Performing Arts Group, and founder of Huarong Yuncang Information Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech "Sharing the era of wisdom and connecting the future-Huarong Yuncang Industrial Chain B2B Platform Operation Mode" and signed a cooperation agreement with Ms. Long Pingfang on the spot, and representatives of Huarong Yuncang industry users in various provinces also signed on-site contracts with them.


 Mr. Teng Zehuan, general manager of HC LED screen network, presented the strategic partnership plaque to Ms. Long Pingfang, general manager of Lianchengfa, pushing the win-win cooperation between the two parties to a new historical peak! 


In the free exchange link of Longyi series rental products that are born on the stage, the guests on site are stopping to watch the products and actively communicate and discuss! How broad can "Dragon Art" go? The warm atmosphere at the scene has already given the answer.



Longyi’s products must be fine products; choose Longyi to choose a better stage! So far, the 2019 LED rental screen new model exchange conference and the new product launch conference of Lianchengfa have been a complete success. I believe that in the future, Lianchengfa will have more innovative products and solutions to enter more fields and provide better products and services for various industries.   

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