Do not run in fantasy, do not concentrate on empty sound, she interprets the unique charm of female entrepreneurs

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    Recently, Ms. Long Pingfang, founder of Shenzhen Lianchengfa Technology Co., LTD., participated in the 46th biography interview of Top 100 CEO. In the interview process, Ms. Long Pingfang interpreted the unique charm of a female entrepreneur with strength, and perfectly interpreted the female workplace Mulan.


        Profile: Long Pingfang, born in Guang 'an, Sichuan province, now lives in Shenzhen. She is studying EMBA in HSBC Business School of Peking University. She has been engaged in LED industry for 20 years. Its enterprise has won the honor of national high-tech enterprise, guangdong Province contract abiding credit enterprise, shenzhen Software Industry Association member, Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Industry Development promotion Association member unit and so on. 
        Business sea entrepreneurial ambition is indestructible, both civil and military to explore world
        2004 was an important year for Ms. Long Pingfang at the beginning of her business. She was excited to get the first customer order and produce the company's first LED full-color display. The LED display industry, to break through the technical constraints a few years time, market a wide range of application is not widespread, products to understand the few people, engineering and marketing personnel is very few, even while ms Long Pingfang rely on his own vision, keen to realize LED photoelectric field is a huge potential and promising market. Therefore, after careful analysis and multi-planning, she founded Lianchengfa. At the beginning of the company's establishment, she won the brand and soon became the backbone of the industry with her unique business philosophy and ideas.
        In the 1990s, she went to Shenzhen to work, from assembly line worker, production director, engineering director, technical director, to the success of the business, and LED display industry. For many years in the shopping mall, "iron heart tender battle north and south, beautiful and dignified hair", Ms. Long Pingfang said, success is not accidental, the more you experience, there will be harvest, all the glory now, can not leave the original desperately and persistence!
        After making great achievements in business, Ms. Long Pingfang did not stop to improve herself, but focused on internal and external improvement, continuous learning, self-discipline and self-improvement. She said that she is currently studying EMBA in Peking University HSBC Business School. She controls her own destiny and changes her life. Only when she controls it perfectly can she feel extraordinary life.
        Research and development strength, quality outstanding reputation
        "I always regard products as my own children," she said. Since the establishment of the company, she has personally participated in all new product research and development, and fully understood the research and development details of each LED display, including production process, cost composition, performance, etc. Ms. Long Pingfang's harsh and extreme pursuit of products and her original intention to change the industry deeply affect the employees of the company. At present, the company's products have covered the stage rental, stadium, vehicle, advertising media and other industrial applications, she said, since its establishment, LCF has always adhered to the product patent as the breakthrough point, and strive to master the key technology in their own hands, excellent products are the foundation. 
        Product Case 1: This project is located in Elbasan, central Albania. It adopts several P12LED panels with a total area of 220 square meters, which are arranged at the side of the stadium. Customized aluminum box, IP65 protection grade, can be quickly disassembled and assembled, arbitrary splicing. Considering the impact during football matches, the product adopts the design of stiffening plate fixation and soft mask, which is tensile and shockproof and has a longer life.
        At the beginning of this year, the company launched "Dragon display", "Dragon Art", "Dragon Teng" three new series of LED screens. Ms Long Pingfang smile, said that the dragon has a very deep love, because of her surname himself from the dragon, the dragon as a culture we Chinese unique cohesion and accumulation, has rooted and deep inside each of us is in the subconscious, as a symbol of diligence, courage, perseverance, bold and creative spirit, the spirit and the company of the product development idea coincides with mine. The product has been highly recognized by lianchengfa channel and engineering suppliers once launched. She said that the research and development of the new series of products is a major measure for the company to expand high-end LED display products, which will consolidate and enhance the company's technical advantages, enrich the company's product line, and further improve the competitiveness of the company's products in the high-end LED display market. 
       In order to match the product positioning, keep up with the market development trend, and do a good job of brand strategic development planning, the company's VI system has made a new upgrade. She said that at present, VI system has been upgraded to the third generation, which displays business wisdom and illuminates wonderful life. RGB three-color design has a stronger sense of contrast, which is in harmony with the diversified strategic layout of LCF, and makes the comprehensive experience of the product more perfect while attracting attention. 

   Strategize  with thousands of miles of strategy
      Ms.Long Pingfang is a smart,brilliant entrepreneur with strong ability, in 2018, she has, the company began to implement the strategic transformation, take the initiative to give up the goal of high growth, focus on the enterprise strategy, innovation, research and development and brand construction three direction, for the future development of the enterprise hoarding of forage, and formulated the "three years of strategic planning".
       In the first year, we paved the way for products and services, and made great efforts in the three business areas of business, performing arts and sports, providing solutions, equipment leasing and operation service modes, not only providing products, but also providing quality services. Ms. Long Pingfang said in an interview that LED screens are already a heavy asset product, while the usage rate of traditional leasing customers after buying LED screens is only 30%-50%. In order to help customers maximize the value of their products and solve the problem of difficult payment collection, the company introduces the cloud warehouse system in the industrial layout. Through the operation of big data of cloud warehouse, the products can be fully utilized and circulated. At present, we have planned to set up locations in Fuzhou, Xiamen, Wuhan, Changsha and other cities in China. In the next two years, we will invest and cooperate to open more than 30 cloud warehouses. 
        Product case 2: Shenzhen bay sports center "golden melody" blues concert - this project stage background screen lian cheng P6.944 hollow-out screen, the whole area of 1000 square, large scale production on stage, according to the stage of modelling diversity, using screen itself fully, frivolous, dazzle colour characteristics of the longitudinal reinforcement stage space visual effect. At the same time, the stage design does not hinder the space left for lighting to hang and play, rendering the whole stage a certain atmosphere and dynamic.
       In the second year, I was responsible for venue operation, providing comprehensive venue operation services, accumulating hardware and software data and forming a database;
        In the third year, I will develop systematic big data, establish a cloud platform, and form a scene service ecological chain to select people according to big data and make accurate decisions, so as to provide customers with diversified service modes.
        From a product manufacturing company, to a operational company, and to a platform type company. In order to realize these three jumps, LCF launched a multiple layout. Ms. Long Pingfang pointed out that the development of the company is to follow the call of the "Belt and Road" construction, which is a major strategic decision made by the CPC Central Committee according to the profound changes in the global situation and the overall consideration of both domestic and international situations. In the future, the company will follow the efficient allocation and deep integration of market resources to carry out regional cooperation in a larger scope, at a higher level and at a deeper level. Lian cheng after the listing, is committed to building international brand, began to layout the global market, expand their business, set up several overseas subsidiaries, including LCF technology co., LTD. (Egypt), LCF technology co., LTD. (Japan), LCF technology co., LTD. (Malaysia), LCF (Hong Kong) technology co., LTD., LCF technology co., LTD. (Sydney). At the same time, we have opened overseas agents and constantly improved the service system. By last year, we have established more than 30 overseas agents, serving customers from more than 110 countries and regions around the world. In the future, the layout of LCF multinational group will continue. 
        Product Case 3: Sheraton Hotel Malaysia project -- LCF outdoor waterproof P10 is selected for the display screen of the external wall. The display screen is cost-effective and adopts anti-uv and anti-deformation module suite to ensure that the screen body is not deformed. When it is lit, the screen has uniform color, realistic picture quality, stable and smooth playback, and no water ripples when taking photos. Even in direct sunlight, the font and details are clearly visible.
Female shoulder dare to pick heavy pressure to reach success
        What the market needs most at present is an enterprise with strategic vision and sense of responsibility, which is exactly what Ms. Long Pingfang embodies as an entrepreneur. She mentioned in the interview that to do business, we should have the sense of entrepreneurial responsibility, and have a long-term vision and strategy. From the establishment of their own business empire, rising from the ashes of the phoenix, is not only shocking, but also with temperature, muscles and feelings of the spirit. No matter how much they frustrations in life, no matter how many times fall down in life, be sure to keep the valiant, adhere to dream, dare to bear, this is ms Long Pingfang often say it, she said, the company's products have after-sales problem not afraid, to help customers solve problems and good customer service is the company has been carrying out the mission. Must be responsible for customers, responsible for employees and responsible for the society, this is her most firm belief all the way.
        As for Wubai Platform, Ms. Long Pingfang said, as a platform for sharing stage art and performing arts and media, wubai platform is cooperating with industry companies step by step to establish a close relationship and help enterprises lead the new development direction. Wubai platform is also a bridge connecting manufacturers and customers, making both sides more transparent in cooperation, increasing the exposure rate of lessor and manufacturer, and enhancing brand awareness. In the future, Lianchengfa will also consider looking for more cooperation opportunities with Wubai Platform.
        With no illusions, step by step, Ms. Long Pingfang will eventually lead the company to the singularity of technological change, become a new force driving the market in the LED display industry, and open a new era of display of her own.


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