In-depth cooperation compose a new chapter, seize the opportunity to seek transformation-welcome you "Best"!

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On September 10th, Teacher’s Day, on this special day, Lianchengfa (stock code: 837293) also ushered in a special group of Special Management Consulting Co., Ltd.").



Every enterprise will encounter various problems in the process of growth. This is about the "growth trouble". When an enterprise encounters a problem, how should it face it and how to solve it? How to make the enterprise go faster and more stable in the process of development, and plug in the wings of take-off? At the launch meeting of "Business Model and Marketing System Upgrade Consulting Project", Mr. Chen Hao, Executive President of Best Group, Mr. Liang Mu, Deputy General Manager of Strategic Marketing BG, and the core members of the project team brought us a brainstorm. The explanation is straightforward and easy to understand.


      For example, in terms of how to transform and upgrade, Mr. Liang pointed out that three steps are enough: 1. Strategic planning, business model update; 2. Marketing system upgrade, expansion of the structure and promotion of growth; 3. Organizational process optimization and operational efficiency improvement. And these steps are refined to restore the customer and market-centric business essence, and put forward a prescription to "prescribe the right medicine".


      The success of a consulting project is the leader on the one hand and oneself on the other. As Best Executive President Mr. Chen Hao said, the so-called "masters bring in the door, and the practice lies in the individual", Lianchengfa and Best will become a "one" project team, which can promote Lianchengfa's employees to become "corporate reformers". "Communicators", so that after the consulting team completes the project, everyone has the ability to continue to promote the transformation of the enterprise and the improvement of management operations. 


      Huang Dong pointed out at the meeting that since its establishment, Lianchengfa has made great achievements in the field of LED optoelectronics, but it cannot be denied that the company still has certain bottlenecks. The joining of Best is a breakthrough for the company and a learning opportunity for us. The whole process of change should be very painful, but I hope everyone will not give up and move forward together. And expressed his wishes for cooperation on the spot: I hope the cooperation will be happy, satisfactory and successful.


      "The infinite scenery is on the dangerous peak." On the way forward, if you want to stand out, you must have amazing courage and courage. The founder, Ms. Long Pingfang, shared the original intention of inviting "Best" on the spot, because "to do it is to do well". She believes that Best is a good recipe for traditional manufacturing. As the saying goes, sharpening a knife does not cut wood by mistake. When "Best" comes, it brings a "whetstone" to the "knife" of Liancheng. ". It is also suggested that middle and senior managers should pay attention to their role positioning and responsibilities in the organizational transformation, so as to help the company to grow rapidly in cooperation with Best. 


      Strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, make precise efforts to tackle difficult points, gather strong cohesion from outside and join forces, in-depth cooperation to compose new chapters, and seize opportunities to seek transformation! I believe that with the participation of Best, Lianchengfa's career will surely move to a new height.


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