Wang Liping, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Hangcheng Street, and his entourage visited Lianchengfa!

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On April 9th, in the late spring season, the weather has already sung the little "Qing" song. Under the scorching sun, Lianchengfa founder Long Pingfang, executive vice president Liu Jun, secretary of the board and vice president Mao Qiangjun, vice president Wei Yuhong, Zheng Dai Nie Jingjing and others welcomed Wang Liping, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Hangcheng Sub-district Office Madam and his party.



       Secretary Wang Liping and his entourage went deep into the production workshop and sample exhibition hall, checked the company's LED display product production process, gave a high evaluation and praise to our company's advanced equipment and management level, and encouraged our company to make persistent efforts and become a Hangcheng enterprise. This business card is carried forward! 


Secretary Wang Liping is experiencing the P2.604 coated floor tile screen of Liancheng

 Secretary Wang Liping and Ms. Long Pingfang talked about regional LED product applications 

       Afterwards, Secretary Wang Liping and his entourage listened to reports on our company's production and operation and future development direction in the conference room. At the symposium, Wang Liping pointed out that enterprises should focus on their development priorities, actively face the difficulties and challenges encountered in production and operation according to their own endowments and resources, and make precise breakthroughs in areas suitable for their own development. Welcome Lianchengfa to establish a long-term communication mechanism with the subdistrict, and keep abreast of the changes in related planning policies, and seize the development opportunities of the national macro environment and capital market, so as to make overall plans for the future on the basis of both profitability and collective public welfare. The street will also ensure the sustainable, healthy and stable development of enterprises with better services and a better business environment.


       When talking about the company’s future planning, Ms. Long Pingfang had an in-depth dialogue with Wang Liping and his party on the urgently needed plant land issue, and shared the planning and layout of the "Liancheng Sound Optoelectronics Smart Industrial Park" at the meeting. Ms. Wang Liping In this matter, he put forward targeted help suggestions, publicized and interpreted the preferential enterprise policy of key enterprises in Hangcheng District, and said on the spot: At present and in the future, the problems encountered in the development of Lianchengfa are problems that can be solved at the street level. The street will send someone to help as soon as possible. To solve problems that are not at the street level, the streets will also actively and actively contact the relevant departments to solve them as soon as possible in accordance with the principle of "first inquiry and responsibility system". 


       Gathering strength and responsibility, taking the initiative to plan a new chapter, and the consensus of development made the talks come to a successful conclusion in a harmonious atmosphere. In the follow-up, Lianchengfa will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "union, integrity, and development", focus, enterprising, strengthen the awareness of market entities, enhance market competitiveness, and promote the company to make strides forward in the process of diversified development.     

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