Helping resumption of work and production | Baoan District Human Resources Bureau visited Lianchengfa to visit and exchange

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On the afternoon of March 4th, Lin Bureau, Deputy Director of Bao'an District Human Resources Bureau, Zeng Huiling, Director of Hangcheng Sub-district Party Building Service Center, and Pan Dongli, Deputy Director of Hangcheng Sub-district Enterprise Service Center, visited Lianchengfa for exchanges and discussions on the resumption of work and production. . Ms. Long Pingfang, the founder of Lianchengfa, Mr. Long Pingwen, the deputy general manager, and Mr. Mao Qiangjun, the secretary of the board of directors, received warm receptions.


 The Forestry Bureau of the Bao'an District Human Resources Bureau pointed out that while doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, the District Human Resources Bureau will continue to increase the provision of service guarantees and precise support for the resumption of work and production in response to the problem of "difficulties in recruiting" enterprises caused by the epidemic. Affirmed that Liancheng found that it has resumed work at 90%. Speaking of Bao'an District, the coordinated development of its human resources service industry and the real economy is essential. This time I came to Lianchengfa and hoped to use this opportunity to understand the development of manufacturing enterprises, and then explore the development direction of the entire industry, and promote government and enterprises. Collaborate and work together for a win-win situation.


       I am very grateful to the leaders for their support to the company during the epidemic. With the care and support of the leaders, Lianchengfa will surely be able to tide over the difficulties. We practice our internal strength behind closed doors and strive to improve it to be more professional, comprehensive, and meticulous, so as to help more markets. Bigger, better, stronger, inject more powerful impetus into the company's thriving development! Let us accumulate our strength, strengthen our convictions, do a good job in the present, face all challenges bravely, and meet the brilliant sunrise of tomorrow as a strong man!


  The core of the epidemic prevention and control is to stop the communication between people and cut off the spread of the virus from person to person. As the epidemic hits, in order to better coordinate work development, government, medical, public security, transportation and other departments have opened new models of online conferences. Combining its own technical accumulation, Lianchengfa quickly launched a set of LTV smart conference all-in-one and smart conference system. The device has the characteristics of ultra-light, ultra-thin, and easy to install. It only takes four hours for two people to complete the installation and put it into use. No other equipment and complicated construction are required; a meeting can be initiated within 10 seconds of booting with one key, which can quickly realize the remote office development of government and enterprise units. It can support 1000 people to join the conference at the same time to realize video or voice interaction.


The founder Long Pingfang introduced that the LTV smart conference machine can provide multi-party remote video conference function, which can support the simultaneous display of video images of multi-party medical staff, patients, and command personnel. On the one hand, it can reduce on-site meetings and facilitate the transfer of instant information by relevant personnel. Improve the efficiency of remote work; on the other hand, remote diagnosis can be performed to analyze and confirm the suspected condition, so as to help medical staff to win this epidemic prevention and control battle to the greatest extent!


Always grasp hope in the face of adversity. Everything has its pros and cons. I believe that after this epidemic, everyone will pay more attention to health, fear life, understand the power of unity, and work together to contribute to a better life for more people!


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