2019 New Year's Message of LCF -- Light up Wonderful Life with Business Wisdom!

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Bid farewell to a fruitful 2018 and welcome a 2019 full of hope. LCF, also from an industry follower, explorer into the industry leader. In this New Year, LCF has a clearer strategic plan, adhering to the business philosophy of "unity, integrity and development", the core values of "openness, innovation and win-win", and the corporate mission of "science and technology enlighten life", and making great strides towards the vision of "blooming business wisdom and illuminating wonderful life".


Looking back at 2018, LCF is at the node of "transformation". The so-called transformation, naturally there is pain and harvest. For example, the cooperation with The Chinese enterprise reform expert "Best" restores the business essence of customer and market as the center, upgrades the whole marketing system and combs the strategic planning; For example, in the overall operation of the subsidiary, no slack, high quality development requirements, supporting 6,500 square meters of 1000 dust-free workshop, a year, has steadily created more than 200 million yuan of production output value; Such as increased investment in research and development, and in the hollow LED display P6.944, mini-LED "dream" series is widely acclaimed. Input and output will eventually be proportional!


In 2018, LCF was selected into the innovation layer of "New Third Board" again, and appeared on the glorious stage for many times, and won the "Bao 'an Top Ten Quality Growth Enterprises Award", "Top 30 Brand Value", "Top Ten Stage Rental Brands" and other awards. Our products have blossomed on the global stage, such as the Expo Promotion Event, the Central American and Caribbean Games, Xiao Jingteng concert, A-Lin Concert, Jane Zhang Concert, Jay Chou Concert... These events spread LCF to further regions. At present, LCF has set up direct branches in Japan, Egypt, Australia and Hong Kong, established agency marketing channels in more than 100 countries around the world, and signed "LCF" exclusive agency in 32 countries... , LCF, entered the fast track of development!


"A person walking, can go fast, a group of people walking, can go further"! Thanks for the strong support of customers and partners, thanks for the hard work of LCF family. In 2019, we will be more united and stronger! Here I wish you all good health, prosperity and happiness in the coming year.


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