Warmly Welcome the Leaders of Zhongshan and China Fortune Land Development to Visit and Guide!

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On the afternoon of July 15, 2020, Mr. Huang Shengqun, Mayor of the People’s Government of Zhongshan Minzhong Town, Mr. Zhang Jinhua, Member of the Party Committee, Mr. Xian Qibiao, Director of the Economic and Information Bureau, and Mr. Guo Zhenqiu, General Manager of Zhongshan Minzhongyuan Industrial Platform Company, led the leaders of China Fortune Land Development to Liancheng Fa The visit was warmly received by Ms. Long Pingfang, President of Lianchengfa, accompanied by Mr. Mao Qiangjun, Secretary of the Board, and Mr. Xie Jin, Vice President of Operations. 


In the meeting room of the President of the Golden Star Building of the LCF Optoelectronics Smart Industrial Park, Mr. Long personally analyzed the development ideas of the company’s "sound and optoelectronic intelligent manufacturing integration strategy" for the people of Zhongshan and the leaders of China Fortune, from the company’s overall product solutions to The specific product features are introduced in detail one by one, such as the reason for the name of the Dragon series products named after the last name of "Long": Dragon has always been the embodiment of authority and power in traditional Chinese culture. LCF chose "Dragon" as a brand product culture, which not only reflects the development vision of being a century-old enterprise, but also aims to build the industry's top brand and be a leader in the display industry. Similarly, LCF integrates the design of LED products with the elements of the Chinese style "dragon", aiming to build on the foundation and innovate expressions, bringing "LXX", "Dragon Art Jubilee" and "Dragon Jubilee" The implementation of the new ecological layout of the product strategy of "LXX-T", while giving us a beautiful meaning, they declare to the world the rise of China's intelligent manufacturing and the take-off of Chinese brands!


In addition, Mr. Xie demonstrated the latest generation of LTV intelligent terminal all-in-one for all leaders, which is one of the latest generation of LED intelligent products on the market! Standardization (16:9), smarter, to meet the blank market (above 110 inches) that DLP/LCD products cannot meet! LTV2.0 has functions such as smart screen connection, video conferencing, remote collaboration, meeting records, etc., remote video conferencing, to meet the requirements of multiple video window display, smart screen projection, and smart terminal operation. It supports wall-mounted installation, mobile vertical installation, convenient and quick installation, ready to use, realizes efficient management before, during and after interaction, so that all communication resources can be fully utilized, and it is a truly "smart" terminal.


When seeing our LED immersive AR visual experience hall, everyone was attracted by its cool visual effects and strong interactivity! The surface GOB coating process of LYX has the characteristics of anti-collision, waterproof, dust-proof and moisture-proof, fine touch experience, and praise!


This kind of scene is based on LED display + 3D interactive digital technology to form a virtual visual scene, which is mainly used in film shooting, cultural tourism, night travel and other fields; it combines AR, computer multimedia technology, visual content, and presents a new " Show Conceptual Heights".



Then talk about the big data monitoring center scene, it uses the LXX fine pitch 1.538, the small spacing is generally suitable for indoor high-precision display application scenarios; now the screen is displayed as a 5G smart light pole cloud platform, and outdoor 5G smart lights Pole screen link; through the cloud platform, various data of the park scene can be read, such as air quality PM2.5 index, real-time monitoring, etc.



Finally, the leaders went to the intelligent production workshop to observe carefully, and have a more intuitive understanding of the production process of the product and the different product shapes and characteristics of LCF's LED display. At the same time, they have an in-depth understanding of the company’s new infrastructure project "5G Smart Light Pole" in 2020, and the complete industry chain model of "CLOUD WAREHOUSE", which focuses on Internet leasing; leaders have given high recognition to the company's innovative projects and models. And praise; praise LCF to become "the world's LCF" in the future!



The visit and guidance ended in a pleasant atmosphere. I believe that with the support and guidance of the leaders, LCF's future road will be more brilliant!