Nanjian Yi Nationality Jumping Cuisine Heritage Center 120 Square LED screen

Project Introduction: On December 1, 2020, WeiShan, crossing, NaJian hand in hand in the newly built NaJian county heritage exhibition center "yi hop vegetables", to host the 2020 WeiShan, crossing, NaJian non-material cultural heritage communication activities, further promote the construction of "three Dali prefecture in southern county tourism circle", to celebrate the 55 anniversary of the founding of NaJian yi nationality autonomous county, And the annual "China Nanjian Jumping Vegetable Art Festival and Wuliangshan Cherry Blossom Festival". At the scene, Liancheng Fa dragon Yixi series LED display screen showed up in the exhibition activities, which helped the exhibition activities to be held smoothly, so that the concept of intangible cultural heritage protection was deeply rooted in the people's mind, and aroused the enthusiasm of the whole society to participate in the protection of intangible cultural heritage. Its high-definition and exquisite picture quality greatly improves the performance effect of the performance activities and brings excellent visual experience to the audience. As the LED display industry leading, lian cheng hair very honored to be able to participate in the heritage NaJian yi jump center construction, through to the domestic application scenarios and meticulous investigation, to protect display effect, can on time to ensure that lian cheng sent to jump NaJian yi food heritage center to make more than Long Yixi series ultra HD LED display screen, With an overall area of more than 120 square meters, the display reaches new heights, bringing a new sensory experience.

  • Product model: P4.81

  • LED display size: 120㎡

  • Project location: Nanchang,Jiangxi

  • Project time: Dec.,2020







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