Nanjian Yi Nationality Jumping Cuisine Heritage Center 120 Square LED screen

Project Introduction: On December 1st, 2020, Weishan County, Midu County, and Nanjian County jointly held the 2020 Weishan County, Midu County, and Nanjian County Intangible Cultural Heritage Exchange Exhibition at the newly opened Nanjian County "Yi Ethnic Jumping Vegetable" Heritage Display Centre to further promote the construction of “Dali Prefecture’s Southern Three Counties Tourism Circuits”, and to jointly celebrate the 55th anniversary of the founding of Nanjian Yi Autonomous County, as well as the annual “China Nanjian Jumping Vegetable Art Festival & Limitless Mountain Sakura Festival”. On site, the LCF's Longyixi Series LED display screen sparkled at the exhibition event, helping it to be held smoothly, so that the idea of protecting intangible cultural heritage could be deeply rooted in people's hearts, and the whole society could be mobilized to participate actively in the protection of intangible cultural heritage. Its high-definition and delicate picture quality greatly enhances the performance of the exhibition event, bringing an excellent visual experience to the audience on site. As the leading manufacturer in the LED display industry, LCF is honored to be involved in the construction of the Nanjian Yi Jumping Vegetable Heritage Center, and through the detailed examination of the large screen application scenarios, LCF customizes a number of Longxi Xixi Series Ultra HD LED display screens with a total area exceeding 120 square meters, which brings a new level of display effect and a brand new sensory experience to ensure that the event can be held on time.

  • Product model: P4.81

  • LED display size: 120㎡

  • Project location: Nanchang,Jiangxi

  • Project time: Dec.,2020







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