Good News | LCF Won the Top Ten Brands of LED Display in 2020

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2020-12-31 18:12 Views: 1231

A few days ago, the results of the "Top Ten Brands in the Digital Audio and Video Industry in 2020" sponsored by the Digital Audiovisual Engineering Network and the "Digital Audiovisual Engineering" magazine have been released. LCF, as one of a leading LED display company, relies on strong independence R & D and innovation strength and high-quality integrated solutions, successfully won the "2020 Top Ten Brands of LED Display" award.


The annual selection of the top ten brands in the digital audio and video industry launched by DAV Digital Audio and Video Engineering Network and "Digital Audio and Video Engineering" magazine began in 2008, focusing on brand influence, technological leadership, market appeal and customer recognition, and brand Comprehensive evaluation of the top ten brands in the industry this year in terms of reputation and other aspects, in order to commend the leading digital audio-visual companies and related products of the year. The ten best brand selection activities have established a wide range of visibility and authority in the industry due to its impartiality and professionalism. Every year the selection attracts the active participation of many top brands, thus establishing its unshakable position in the industry. In line with the purpose of serving the industry and promoting the development of the industry, the selection activities have established a batch of brand models to promote the progress and innovation of the digital audiovisual industry.


In this selection activity, through the online and offline voting of industry stakeholders such as pre-dealers, contractors, end customers, etc., the digital audiovisual engineering network will organize the evaluation of experts in the industry according to the selected companies' product development, product market conditions, and customers. Comprehensive evaluation of performance in multiple dimensions such as satisfaction, product post-service, etc., and finally selected the "Top Ten Brands of LED Displays in 2020" through layered selection. The LED display products of LCF successfully won the award after a strict preliminary selection, public voting and expert review procedures, demonstrating LCF's leading strength and advantages in the field of LED display.

In recent years, LED display technology has achieved rapid development, and LED displays have ushered in an explosive moment. Relying on strong technology and product innovation capabilities, Lianchengfa has always led the LED display technology innovation process. The Longxianxi series products, which won the "Top Ten Brands of LED Displays in 2020" award this time, are small-pitch LED display products independently developed by LCF. Many technical indicators and product performances are in the forefront of the industry and are known by the industry. "The King of Small Pitch" has been successfully implemented in Beijing Artron Art Center, Hainan Airport, Shanghai Hongkou Taxation Bureau and other regions. The Long Xianxi award is the market's high recognition and affirmation of LCF's brand and small-pitch LED display technology innovation and commercial application.

In the future, LCF will use honor as a driving force, never forget the original aspiration, forge ahead, continue to focus on breakthroughs and innovations in LED display technology, actively integrate the ecological resources of the entire industry chain, and empower all walks of life with continuous improvement of products and solutions. Intelligent transformation and upgrading have made a meager contribution to the high-quality development of my country's LED display industry.