News! Lianchengfa won the "Baoan Top Ten High-quality Growth Enterprise Award"!

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"Zhihui Bay Area, Goods Gathering Baobo"! On the morning of July 28, 2018, the Baoan Industry Development Expo (Bao Expo) Award Ceremony was held as scheduled in the Convention and Exhibition Center. Lianchengfa (stock code: 837293) was invited to participate in the conference and won the "Top Ten High-quality Growth Enterprise Award" .



     This year's Bao'an Expo brought together more than 400 high-quality enterprises in Bao'an District, including leading enterprises, listed companies, and top 100 enterprises in Bao'an's key industries, demonstrating the hard power of Bao'an District's industrial development in an all-round way. Among them, the "Top Ten High-quality Growth Enterprise Award" is the highest honor given to Baoan's fast-growing enterprises.


      Award ceremony ▲ "Top Ten High-quality Growth Enterprise Awards" (front row third from right)

  This honor has strong influence and authority in Baoan and even Shenzhen. Based on the growth rate of corporate performance, it focuses on establishing a selection model for corporate annual performance, industry contribution, number of patents and other data. It represents the company’s regional and The overall strength and potential of the industry.



   Group photo of Mr. Mao Qiangjun, Secretary of the Board and Deputy General Manager of Lianchengfa and Zhou Xueliang, Deputy District Mayor of Baoan District


    Group photo of Mr. Mao Qiangjun, Secretary of the Board and Deputy General Manager of Lianchengfa and Tu Rensheng, Director of Baoan District Economic Promotion Bureau


      Gather high-quality resources, improve the level of innovation, and accelerate transformation and upgrading! In the future, Lianchengfa will give full play to its technical and channel advantages in "LED display, LED green lighting, and LED energy-saving lighting", and continue to develop more stable, more efficient, and more energy-saving LED products based on the field of display. Technological innovation, institutional innovation and management innovation, make more contributions to global LED applications!


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