Lianchengfa distributors gather in Zhengzhou

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Strategize and set the Central Plains, decisively win a thousand miles to the world. On the evening of March 12, 2018, Lianchengfa’s national channel business strategy "Honesty Win Vision" action (Zhengzhou) station-the "Race to the Central Plains" forum was officially opened.


  This event attracted many channel merchants to actively participate. Ms. Long Pingfang, founder of Lianchengfa, Mr. Shi Weili, President of Semiconductor Lighting and Display Engineering Association, Mr. Cao Lixin, Secretary General of China LED Engineering Merchants Alliance, and Colorite Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. Director Mr. Deng Chang all went to help out. Everyone gathered together to offer advice and suggestions for channel development in 2018, looking for opportunities and breakthroughs.


   Based on the principle of "sharing", this sorority will create an opportunity for participants to relax their minds and bodies and increase their feelings. At the same time, it will maximize the establishment of a communication platform for channel traders to "seek common development, mutual benefit and win-win". Henan Shijie Optoelectronics is the first provincial distributor signed after Lianchengfa’s channel promotion, so it is a milestone. The first association hosted by Lianchengfa and co-organized by Shijie Optoelectronics was selected in Zhengzhou. Chengfa expresses its support for outstanding provincial agents with practical actions, and intends to "compete with the Central Plains" to determine the market.



   At the meeting, Ms. Long Pingfang, the founder of Lianchengfa, expressed a warm welcome to the guests and customers and friends who came from afar, and also revealed to the participants: In 2018, the group is actively implementing the "Honesty Win Vision" strategy. The channel sales target amount is 300 million yuan, and 6 to 8 outstanding provincial agents will be selected nationwide for key support; the headquarters will strengthen the promotion of channel construction, such as unified module size and 24-hour shipments. At present, the monthly production capacity of 500,000 LED modules of Lianchengfa Holding Subsidiary Lianshunda Technology will be able to open the door to the convenience of channel deployment. I hope that everyone can seize the opportunity, play the role of bridge and link, and unite friends from all over the world, so that Lianchengfa channel dealers can twist into a rope, do their best, make a heart, and realize a dream together. Create a channel investment environment with Lianchengfa’s characteristics with standardized systems, fast processes, standard products, and sophisticated services, and deepen the brand through the guidance of agents to customers and perfect after-sales services, and fundamentally let Liancheng follow Liancheng The channel dealers made are profitable, credible, dignified, and successful.


      The guests unreservedly shared industry trends, industry focus, channel hotspots, product hot spots, and full of "dry goods" on the stage, which made the channel dealers on the scene listen attentively, and everyone said that they had benefited a lot; and at the banquet The interspersed "Western Heavenly Scriptures", the masters and apprentices will perform together, allowing everyone to have a deeper understanding of teamwork while laughing: if you want to do big things, you must rely on the cooperation of multiple people, believe in the strength of the team, and choose the right one. The road, even if it is difficult, persevere, and you can always get where you want to go.



The dragon in the pond, in the midst of the wind and clouds, jumped to the sky, success is expected! The happy time is always short. The successful convening of this sorority has made preparations for the establishment of the invisible channel of Lianchengfa Group. I hope that more channel dealers will join in the future and share the layout of Lianchengfa’s channel. Many fruits!


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