LCF E anniversary: show a different you!

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For fourteen years, people from different cities have come and gone. For ordinary jobs, warm stories always happens. For many people, "LCF" means not only a job, an enterprise, but also a warm home.

"Gather sand into a tower, gather water into a sea"


Behind the glare

There's always a little bit of power coming together


14 years,


Is the courage of the sun born


Is to build a dream of eternal youth


Show off the different you


LCF E anniversary is about to start!

Present  1

I heard there was hologram magic


It is said that after the founding of China, animals are not allowed to become fairies


But the magician would not listen


Thrilling performance form


The artistic effect of the fake


Really? Pass for the real?


High-tech, face to face


Out of thin air, out of thin air


Super realistic virtual scene


It's incredible, it's incredible!


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The Present 2


I heard there was a romantic birthday party


Can atmosphere, can graceful and restrained


Can be business, can be beautiful


This is bound to be no ordinary anniversary


Where multiple forms of black technology coexist


Can also be romantic warmth


Guide jiangshan, inspire the text


Have you ever seen the goddess of change?


I want you to meet me on this anniversary



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The Present 3


There is wine and there is story


What's the reason


Allow a person to stay in a business


Five years, ten years


Or even longer?


Past events such as wine, pungent cotton alcohol


A mouthful, the aftertaste is endless


Those stories, you want to hear them?


It was a long-awaited event


It was a heart-warming birthday party


This is a reunion hand in hand family dinner!


August 31

Meet at Shenzhen Dunhill Hotel14th anniversary, we are together!


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