LCF E anniversary, we are youth!

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The meaning of August


It's not just the heat that's gone


The season when the breeze is not dry


What else does it vex?


LCF E annual Meeting countdown!


An orgy like never before


Coming soon!


Time succession, time flowing gold


We have forged ahead for 14 years


Because there are goals


We are getting closer to our dreams


Because there is direction


The rings of time engraved with the mark of glory and glory


The grind of growth


To create our own brand


"Hard work, enterprising, dedication and hard work"


This is the character of LCF 

Thank you for your efforts


And thank you to every partner who always cares about us



Walking, the original mind does not change


Nice to meet you


At the best of times


E Anniversary, hello!


Start again from a new starting point


E Origin of anniversary:


1. The company has been established for 14 years since 2004. 14 The data representation in the computer hexadecimal system is exactly "E". Hexadecimal is a representation of data in a computer, which is different from the representation in our daily life. It's 0 minus 9, A minus F. The corresponding relationship is: 0-9 corresponds to 0-9; 10 minus 15 corresponds to A minus F. So 14 = E.


2, E and 1 are homonyms, representing NO.1, a new starting point, a new era.


3. The L of LCF means union, E stands for interconnection, and interconnection stands for win-win, which is very consistent with the company's brand development concept.


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