[Great Rejoice] Liancheng Sound Optoelectronics Smart Industrial Park has started!

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A good working environment can make people happy,


     It also helps to improve work efficiency,


     Therefore, the planning and construction of the industrial park should also become a part of the enterprise development strategy!

      On August 13, 2004, Lianchengfa broke ground on this land. Under the careful leadership of the founder Ms. Long Pingfang for 15 years, Lianchengfa has gradually grown stronger. Now Lianchengfa's development is getting better and better, and the founder is also considering By the time we should make a big change, the so-called thinking is not as good as action, and the strong do what they say. After a careful transformation and planning of the industrial park, Ms. Long Pingfang led the backbone of Lianchengfa to open the groundbreaking ceremony of the Lianchengfa Smart Industrial Park on August 13, 2019!

        At the groundbreaking ceremony, the founder, Ms. Long Pingfang, was very emotional. She told about the company’s development process. From a small workshop of only 200 square meters in 2004 to a brand enterprise with more than 40,000 square meters today, the vivid experience was tearful. She expressed her gratitude to the key employees for their company and support for many years and helped the company to take off and develop. All the backbones also sent their heartfelt wishes to Lianchengfa, and wish Lianchengfa will get better and better and reach new heights in the future!
        Later, Ms. Long Pingfang led everyone to the "knock on the wall" ceremony. The "knock on the wall" ceremony may seem a little funny, and some people may find it incomprehensible, but it symbolizes the smooth start of the project. Every hammer made by the backbone members is a good wish for the construction of the Liancheng Sound Optoelectronics Smart Industrial Park. I hope that the construction of the Liancheng Sound Optoelectronics Smart Industrial Park will be finalized and smooth sailing!

We are about to have a new transformation, we will become a different us, and we will have more beautiful 15 years! 

     Thank you for being with Lianchengfa, thank you for every support and trust! 

     Liancheng Fasheng Optoelectronics Smart Industrial Park will meet you soon!