LCF: more than r & D road, "Dragon series" wriggle in the world!

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In 2018, in the field of small spacing, LCF ushered in the mini-LED "Dream Pursuit" series, which was highly recognized by LCF channel and engineering companies, and won the award of "LED Small Spacing Excellent Brand". For the vast majority of LED screen enterprises, such glory is enough to illuminate the whole year. However, Lian Cheng fa is not satisfied with the existing achievements, but still constantly seeking breakthroughs to promote the iterative upgrading of products. Recently, good news came from the R & D department, the small spacing "Longxian" series is currently in the sample test stage, and is expected to be on the market before the Spring Festival of 2019! 

"LongXian Series" cabinet picture
        "Longxian", meaning the LED display in the elite. "Longxian" series includes P0.72, P0.9375, P1.2, P1.5 and P1.85 screens. The design, development and manufacturing of these five new products are independently completed by the company, which is a major move of the company to expand high-end LED display products. It will consolidate and enhance the company's technical advantages and enrich the company's product line. Further enhance the competitiveness of the company's products in the high-end LED display market. 
"Long Xian" and the conventional screen comparison

Compared with similar small spacing on the market, "Longxian" series has absolute advantages:


1, magnesium/aluminum alloy die casting box structure + joint fine tuning function, high hardness, good precision, about 20% lighter than the conventional box;


2, front and rear maintenance design, convenient and flexible disassembly;


3, integrated filtering, EMC interference is 5dB lower than the conventional design, so that the product can easily pass the Class A standard;


4, drive IC dynamic energy saving and module power supply voltage using 3.8-4.2V scheme, under the same brightness condition, compared with ordinary small spacing energy saving of more than 20%;


5. Flash storage circuit is added to the modules, which significantly improves the brightness and chroma tolerance of the whole screen. Customers do not need to worry about the brightness chroma caused by the damage and replacement of the modules in the process of use;


6, PWM type of low turning voltage high order IC, in order to ensure a good display of gray under the condition of low light, refresh ≥3840Hz;


7, support HDR function, 10bit color depth, color gamut coverage up to 75.8%, complete realization of high contrast, up to 8000:1.


"Dragon" series in addition to pay attention to product stability, functional, also very pay attention to the appearance of the product, the product on the back of the exposed wiring, neat and beautiful, and is fundamental key with black, ornament company VI color orange, sedate classic black and bright and lively orange with a strong sense of contrast, in striking at the same time, make the product comprehensive experience more perfect.

       With no distractions from fantasy and virtual sound, Lian Chengfa will eventually reach the singularity of technological change, become a new force driving the market in LED display industry, and open its own new era of display.


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