Viruses are ruthless, there is love in the world! Overcome the epidemic during the Lantern Festival!

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 In the past few days, the new coronavirus infection has affected everyone's hearts. At the critical stage of prevention and control, the supply of all necessary materials has also become the focus of everyone's attention. Among all the protective materials, masks are arguably the most popular commodity.


         Faced with the "hard to find" situation, Lianchengfa launched the power of overseas branches to jointly collect masks; recently, it has just received a batch of emergency supplies from the Malaysian branch back to the company headquarters by air. The founder and president of the company, Long Ping Ms. Fang led everyone to donate masks, raincoats and other materials to the Hangcheng Sub-district Office where the company is located during the Lantern Festival to overcome the difficulties. They were warmly received by the leaders of the Sub-district Office, Director Ma Ming and Ms. Pan Dongli! In the face of the virus, leaders at all levels of government, street offices and others are always sticking to their jobs day and night, fighting on the front line, and saying: "Thanks for your hard work, the loveliest person!"


Group photo of the leaders of Hangcheng Sub-district Office and Ms. Long Pingfang, President of Lianchengfa


     Behind a great one, countless small things are needed. No one is a bystander when it comes to preventing and controlling the epidemic. In addition to the government and entrepreneurs, individuals should also contribute as much as they can to abide by the epidemic prevention rules and not add congestion to the country. In order to serve our customers, while cooperating with the national epidemic prevention and control, and actively responding to the national call, Lianchengfa is scheduled to officially resume work on February 10 (first month 17). The company has prepared thermometers, disinfectants, gloves, masks and other guarantees in advance. To ensure the safety of personnel, while taking preventive measures for other enterprises stationed in the park; 

Jay Chou concert scene

  Although the domestic construction has been postponed due to the epidemic, overseas business is being promoted intensively. The Jay Chou Global Tour Malaysia will begin on February 29, and the next stop in Australia will also arrive in March. As the only designated supplier of display screens, We will never slacken our efforts and must ensure that the concert goes smoothly! 


Shenzhen Lianchengfa Technology Co., Ltd., a national high-tech enterprise, a comprehensive service provider in the field of LED optoelectronics, a partner in top competitions such as the Olympics, the World Cup, and the European Cup, has helped many celebrities tour concerts and large-scale commercial performances of world-class brands. Based on China, serving the world!


 The founder of the company Long Pingfang, a master's degree from Peking University HSBC Business School, has been engaged in the LED industry for 20 years, the top ten national figures in the LED industry, Boao Confucian trademark pole, calm and pragmatic style of work, and a keen business sense have promoted the company's steady development for 15 years !