Teamwork for development-brainstorming seminar on the listing of Jilian Chengfa

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On May 31, Ms. Long Pingfang, the founder of Shenzhen Lianchengfa Technology Co., Ltd., and leaders of various departments organized a brainstorming symposium. "What changes do we or the company need after the company goes public" was the main topic for in-depth discussions and exchanges. At the meeting, everyone actively spoke and made suggestions for the company's development.


Conference background: On May 30, 2017, the National Equity Exchange System officially released the list of companies listed on the innovation layer in 2017, and Liancheng Development (stock code: 837293) successfully entered the innovation layer of the new third board. According to statistics, as of May 30, there were a total of 11,244 companies listed on the New Third Board, and only 1393 companies were finally selected for the innovation layer. The number of innovative listed companies is only about 10% of the total number of listed companies. 

 The innovation layer is a concentrated area of excellent companies on the New Third Board. The selection of the innovation layer needs to be considered from the three dimensions of profitability, growth and market value.

  From May 19, 2016, Lianchengfa successfully landed on the NEEQ and successfully entered the NEEQ innovation layer on May 30, 2017. Lianchengfa has relied on its rapid development in recent years and its technology, services, and channels in the LED display field. Advantage, submitted an amazing transcript. Entering the innovation layer this time means that Lianchengfa will have a broader capital market platform, and it will be easier to get the attention of investors. The company's investment value will be fully explored, and the company's sustained and rapid development will have more guarantees. This also means that Liancheng has taken one step further away from the IPO. Therefore, how to develop together with the company has become a top priority.


 Ms. Long Pingfang said that the listing of IPO will not only facilitate the strengthening of product research and development, strengthen the supply chain, increase equipment operations, and attract more high-quality talents for the company, but also provide a broader platform for everyone to lay the ground for future career planning. Foundation, enhance personal honor and personal value... This series of changes will improve everyone's happiness index. Mr. Long’s speech won rounds of applause from the participants. Everyone said that they would further standardize management in their areas of responsibility, improve work efficiency, and enhance team cohesion. At the same time, they will cooperate with other departments to integrate resources and prepare for the company. IPO laid a solid foundation. 


In the discussion on the topic of "What changes do we or the company need after the company goes public", everyone brainstormed and spoke freely, and finally listed a number of problems that need to be resolved, and conducted an in-depth analysis of the problems raised according to the current status of the company. , Formulated corresponding solutions to further promote the company’s development. 


Although not all suggestions will be adopted, a large number of new ideas and ideas are still very valuable. This "brainstorming" symposium has won unanimous praise from everyone, and everyone has suggested that more such "brainstorming" should be carried out in the future. In the forum, ideas will be collided, so that collective wisdom and personal wisdom can be organically combined.


Ms. Long Pingfang said: Opportunities and challenges have always coexisted. If you want to fight this beautiful market battle, you need to make more efforts. And making full use of the experience and professional accumulation in their respective fields, combining innovation with tradition, and continuously integrating resources is the right way to meet this listing war.


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