Hangcheng Street with a joint stock company to visit LCF investigation

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On November 30, Hangcheng Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, organized a research and Service Day activity with the theme of "Exchange for Development and join hands to create the future". That morning, Mr. Liu Tian, member of Hangcheng Street, accompanied the chairmen of Collective Assets Supervision Office, Huangtian Joint Stock Cooperative Company, Zhongwu Joint Stock Cooperative Company, Caowai Joint Stock Cooperative Company, Hozhou Joint Stock Cooperative Company, Jiuwei Joint Stock Cooperative Company, Hourui Joint Stock Cooperative Company, Huangzhu Joint Stock Cooperative Company, Sanwei Joint Stock Cooperative Company, Hongzhu Joint Stock Cooperative Company, Lianfa Joint Stock Cooperative Company and other companies LCF headquarters survey. Long Pingfang, founder and president of LCF, led the company's senior management team to warmly receive the research team.


Accompanied by President Long Pingfang, the research team first visited the exhibition hall of LCF Headquarters. Field visits were made to LCF XR virtual shooting solution, cultural and tourism business performance solution, industry charge center solution, smart city comprehensive solution, 5G+8K innovative application solution, LX small-pitch LED display, LY LED rental screen, LT LED transparent screen, naked eye 3D content, 3D display, field control glow stick, 5G multi-functional wisdom A series of industry-leading innovation results and applications such as light poles, smart sports venues and event integration solutions, and listened to the introduction of LCF's development history, business layout and business status.

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The research team said that as the world's leading LED display and field control glow stick intelligent manufacturing base, it can not only automatically and intelligently complete the whole process operation of LED display and other products from raw materials to modules, box assembly to packaging and shipping, the product quality is very excellent, and the intelligent manufacturing ability is very mature. Through continuous technological innovation and industrial upgrading, LCF is expected to inject strong impetus into the development of China's real economy with better products and services, and contribute to a better life for the people.

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At the symposium, President Long Pingfang warmly welcomed the visit and guidance of the research team and introduced the high-quality development of LCF in recent years and the future strategic layout from different angles. The successful practice of LCF in the fields of cultural and tourism performing arts, stage rental, XR film and television production, and intelligent conference are emphatically introduced.

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Long said that while ensuring the stable development of the manufacturing industry, LCF joined hands with "Guocao Cloud Warehouse" to build 30 partner cloud warehouses across the country and put in acoustic and optoelectronic equipment to meet the current surge of performing arts activities, exhibitions, conferences, annual meetings and other rental needs; On the other hand, we separately invested in the establishment of SKC Culture, relying on the team resources involved in the operation of Jay Chou, Shaohan Zhang, Wu Bai and other stars' tour concerts, and independently undertook cultural tourism performing arts activities. Through the industrial model of "intelligent manufacturing + performance + cloud warehouse", it takes root in the Bay Area, faces the country and goes global.

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Representatives of entrepreneurs attending the meeting have said that LCF has always been committed to building a world-class sound and optoelectronic intelligent manufacturing integration service provider, with intelligent manufacturing as the core, sound and optoelectronic as the basis, LED display technology and integrated solutions as the guidance, deeply involved in the construction and economic development of cities around the world, create a better life, warm hundreds of cities. Next, we hope that we can jointly look forward to high-quality cooperation through performing arts activities, project construction and other forms of development, to activate the agricultural economy, business economy, cultural and tourism economy, improve regional competitiveness, and add luster to the people's better life.

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Member Liu Tian highly recognized LCF's business philosophy, development direction and achievements in recent years. She said that it is very happy to see that LCF has made such outstanding achievements and contributed to the development of Baoan, and Hangcheng Street will continue to improve the business environment, effectively implement the service, and escort the high-quality development of enterprises. Finally, it is hoped that LCF can continue to adhere to scientific research and innovation, pursue excellence, achieve greater development in Shenzhen, and make more contributions to the construction of "dual zones" in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Shenzhen Pilot Demonstration Zone.

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In the subsequent interaction and exchange session, President Long Pingfang conducted in-depth exchanges on topics such as intelligent manufacturing, scientific and technological innovation, cultural tourism and performing arts, and industrial upgrading, and representatives of entrepreneurs attending the meeting, further strengthening the foundation of cooperation between the two sides. The event ended successfully in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

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The visit of this research group has given LCF greater confidence and encouragement. In the future, LCF will give full play to its own advantages, grasp the opportunities of the development of The Times, make full use of the policy support of the government, join hands with major joint-stock cooperation companies, deepen the LED display industry, and strive to create a new benchmark for cooperation between the LED industry and the field of cultural tourism and performing arts. We will make unremitting efforts for a better audio-visual life for the people and high-quality economic development across the country.