Push Forward and Stick to the Brand journey of LCF

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This is an era of innovation and change.


Unprecedented stories, like unprecedented models, seem to be easier to get the attention of the market. In the face of this era of innovation and change, is it wealth or burden to stick to it? This has become a question that many companies often think about when they conduct brand promotion.


However, if we re-examine it with the thinking of grand positioning, we will find a more interesting answer: The past of a company is of course wealth, but it is often hidden in seemingly heavy burdens. Only by skillfully opening the bag can you enjoy the shining treasure.


Lianchengfa (LCF), mainly engaged in LED full-color high-definition displays, LED green lighting, and LED energy-saving lighting products, is the first batch of certified national high-tech enterprises and successfully listed on May 19, 2016 ( Stock code: 837293). For the LED industry, this is an enterprise with a sense of the times. How to construct the right to speak in the sense of the times is that it has always had a very clear positioning-serving the world.


There's history, there's more depth.


According to statistics from China Optics and Optoelectronics Industry Association: In 2004, the national LED display market was 3.6 billion yuan, and there were about 300 LED display manufacturers of various types and sizes in the country. The LED display industry at this time is an emerging sunshine industry, and Lianchengfa was also born at this time. After that, the rapid development of the industry also led to the formation of industry norms and standard systems. Product quality and system reliability became the main competitive factors. Enterprises with poor production conditions, weak technology, and incomplete after-sales service systems were eliminated by the market. According to incomplete statistics, more than 4,000 LED companies closed down in 2015 alone. After entering 2016, the LED industry is picking up, but there are still many companies submerged in the previous wave of industry development.


However, no matter what changes outside, Lianchengfa has never been ahead. In the past few years, Lianchengfa’s performance has been like this:



Data is more convincing than words. The sales performance is the affirmation of the market and the result of the efforts of all Lianchengfa staff. It can be said that although Lianchengfa is not the pioneering batch of epic veterans, it must be the development of the LED industry. The backbone of the country.

Perseverance, more goals

In recent years, the price wars in the LED industry have been raging, and the market competition environment has deteriorated. Today, looking back at Lianchengfa’s adherence to product quality, in addition to the company’s inherent good reputation, this rational adherence also allows it to avoid premature frontal competition with powerful opponents and win its rapid growth. Space and time. By increasing R&D efforts and paying full attention to the detailed improvement of product functions, it has created its own market space and a firm customer group.


"If there is no brand for LED products, there will be no future." Channels are the soil for the survival and development of LED display companies, and brands are the wings for companies to take off. Lianchengfa, from its establishment to growth, cannot be separated from the credit of the channel and the power of the brand. In terms of brand creativity, Lianchengfa’s values of "union, integrity, and development" have become the most shining label of Lianchengfa’s "LCF" brand. For a long time in the past, Lianchengfa invested the company’s main resources to build it. By establishing multiple automated production lines, establishing holding subsidiaries, etc., it has been doing its best to distribute goods in various regions: it has created an agency model in 32 countries around the world. Accurately support the general generation of 6 major areas within the scope, and put a large number of brand image advertisements in major media in the industry. These measures have comprehensively improved the brand image of Lianchengfa in the country and laid a solid foundation for Lianchengfa's LED display to shine in the world. . So far, Lianchengfa has achieved a new high in both domestic and foreign performance and completed the transformation and upgrading of product market positioning.


Brand awareness continues to rise, sales performance continues to rise, and the increased profits of the company enable Lianchengfa to have enough capital to open up its hands and feet. In the face of this situation, Lianchengfa did not make a bold move, but decided to stick to it. This choice was made on the one hand because of the customer loyalty brought about by the stable market, on the other hand, it was also because of the strategic layout of the long-term development of Liancheng, not forgetting the original aspiration and seeking success in stability. This is also Liancheng The outstanding performance of Fa's strategic vision in brand strategy.