Steal a Half Day of Leisure -- the LCF R&D Center Team Building Activities

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Conghua District is the back garden of Guangzhou, famous for its rare hot springs, known as "The capital of Hot springs in China". Under the care of the company leaders and the strong cooperation of various brother departments, the colleagues of r&d center can temporarily put aside their busy work and come here to enjoy their leisure time on weekends.


In order to better deepen the mutual understanding between team members and enhance cohesion, we chose this small farmhouse as the activity location, and spent a day in the life of a big family.



Our Base Area


Deep Courtyard

Huaqing Pool, concubine smile, withered branches withered leaves new fruit

Soldiers in three road, a little stuck on the road, when meet nearly dusk, take a break, a line of people walk under the sun quartermaster of finely, night breeze brought the fragrance of the soil, the memories of their homes, for those of us who grew up in the countryside, and living in the city for a long time, who could resist such a place on the journey of the soul of body and mind?
The green mountains bathed in sunset glory.
Hot spring is the name card of Conghua, which is not to be missed. After a simple meal at the farmhouse, drive to Duxitaili Hot Spring Resort hotel to enjoy the moisture of the hot spring.

A green hot spring resort

Soak in the hot springs, wash off the fatigue of the journey, return to our temporary home, and start the second main act with high spirits. It was a beautiful day with no clouds in the clear sky and no moonlight to add to the chaos, so I saw the starry sky that I had not seen for a long time. I listened to the songs of all kinds of insects around me, and I felt as if I were returning to my childhood. There was a cool breeze, the air was fresh, and the heat from the oven was negligible.




When midnight, the high temperature dispersed, cool breeze, people xing xing and scattered.

At dawn, woke up in the sweet birds, is still a sunny day, blue sky white clouds castle peak, clear layers, pure does not contain a trace of impurities, as we do the screen, pleasing to the eye. Get up for a walk, the industrious villa owner, has been a side of the yard, clean up. Time in the yard, or sitting quietly sipping tea, or tending the plants, must be wonderful.


The balcony overlooking

In addition to hot springs, Conghua is extremely rich in forests and water resources, with a forest coverage rate of 67.2%. Therefore, we could not miss the opportunity to breathe in natural oxygen bar, so we chose Liuxi River National Forest Park, one of the top ten national forest parks. The park is very large, covering 8,831 hectares, but most of it is on the water and on isolated islands in the lake. Although it is dry season, it is not difficult to infer from the exposed rocks that when the lake is full of clear water, it will be how spectacular. 

An island in the lake

Scenery beauty to beauty, the most beautiful but in the heart, people, Pepsi xing. Such days are both very pleasant and very rare. Although this is not a full trip, but also a large group photo. 

A group photo was taken in Liuxihe National Forest Park. May we unite and grow as luxuriant as the trees behind us.