Zhang Shaohan Chengdu Concert LED Transparent Screen Project

Project introduction:LCF LT S series full-color LED transparent screen products shine Zhang Shaohan fable world tour Chengdu station. the evening of September 30, 2023 Zhang Shaohan fable world tour to the country of heaven, Angela on the stage, felt the audience under the stage of the hot and spicy enthusiasm; and she also used the most full state back to the city, presenting an extremely wonderful LIVE! SHOW: “Aurora”, “Dreaming Flowers”, “Dear That's Not Love”, “Lost Beauty”, “Invisible Wings”...... Every song was a chorus. Friends at the Chengdu stop finished the concert with Angela with her favorite chorus. Finally, under the Sun God bird dome in the main stadium of the Dong'an Lake Sports Center, Zhang Shaohan appeared again in a long silver dress, “Ill-fated, obsessed, bland, waved goodbye to youth, countless stations, willing to be ordinary but not willing to be ordinary decay You are A Diao, you're a free bird,” a song of “A Diao,” the tour in September, the end of the tour.

This Zhang Shaohan concert using LCF's LT S series P7.8-7.8 full-color LED transparent screen products, the series of products using a unique skeleton design structure, soft mask and glue filling process, not only has a high refresh, high stability, high transmittance, super waterproof and other advantages, but also can withstand the professional video camera screen capture, so that the live screen without water lines, no scan lines, no shaking, but also Let the back row and off-center viewers watch the live picture from a distance and without deviation. All-round help Zhang Shaohan to create an unparalleled audio-visual feast!

  • Product model: P7.8-7.8  LT series LED transparent screen

  • Project area: 1100㎡

  • Project location: Chengdu, Sichuan

  • Project time: September 2023

Zhang Shaohan Concert

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