Dragon Wriggles In The world | Big names gather at Huawei China Eco-Partnership Conference

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2019-03-22 16:56 Views: 1594

"Half spring outing in the South Garden, the wind and smell of horses; Green plums such as beans and willows such as eyebrows, long butterflies fly ". Spring equinox season, warbler flying grass long, in this poetic season, all activities are full of vitality and meaning. On March 21, Huawei China Ecological Partnership Conference was held as scheduled in Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center, China. With the theme of "Evolution of Intelligence through Gathering", nearly 20,000 guests from various fields across the country discussed the transformation of the era of intelligence.


        Intelligence allows imagination to break through the endless possibilities. As the "highlight" of this year's conference, Huawei created China's first "smart island" of immersive experience at the venue of the conference. Through 5G, the Internet of Things, Huawei Cloud and other technologies, we can connect "islands, museums and halls" to achieve borderless intelligent experience centering on "industry +AI, digital platform and ecological joint innovation". This means that all the guests attending the conference will enter an unprecedented intelligent application immersive experience space. This conference will last for two days. As the supplier of the LED large screen in the main venue of the ecological conference, Shenzhen Lianchengfa Technology Co., Ltd. feels very honored. 
        Founded 30 years ago, Huawei has served 3 billion people around the world, maintained a good security record, and realized the promise of building a smart world connected to everything with advanced technology, becoming a top player in the global telecom market. At this ecological conference, Huawei proposed for the first time to drive industrial upgrading with "HCS+EI" twin engines, and launched a series of new technologies, products and the strongest ecological policies in history to promote transformation and innovation of partners and customers.
        Not just in the present, but in the future. Evolution is the only way to adapt to external change. LCF visual creation team tries its best to combine practicality, safety and vision with its rich experience in construction and strict demands on every detail. Finally, 830 square P3.91LED rental screen got the most complete presentation.
      There are tens of thousands of people in the venue, and it is impossible to remember all kinds of information. However, visitors cannot ignore the LED display that bears the output of almost all contents of the ecological Conference: from the digital transformation methodology of the industry to the solutions of the park; From a series of new technologies to the most powerful ecological policies in history... , dynamic, static, realistic, freehand, 830 square high standard display, real interpretation of every frame, so that every guest can receive the most comprehensive information, convenient and effective memory. 
        Short step without thousands of miles, not small streams into rivers and seas. Today's Huawei, strong enough to scare all its competitors, still humbly focuses on the present and the future; Today, Lian Chengfa, with the same original aspiration, adheres to the enterprise vision of "blooming business wisdom and lighting wonderful life", and insists on deep cultivation in the LED photoelectric field. It can be predicted that after the Fuzhou Ecological Conference, there will be more and more customers like Huawei choosing Lianchengfa. LCF vision creation team will eventually become an irreplaceable product and service provider in LED display field.