Good quality is the dignity of a company's survival

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2016.10.17 Lianchengfa held the "Quality Month" event with the theme of "Quality Establishes LCF Development, Strength Creates LCF Quality". The event leadership team leader: Secretary of the Board Mao Qiangjun, Deputy Team Leader: Production Manager Li Yifu, Quality Manager Long Pingwen, Dong Zhu Zhang Xiaoling and others presided over the launching ceremony of the event. 


      "Quality", "Service" and "Innovation" have always been the three major themes that the LED optoelectronics industry pays more attention to in 2016. The two words "quality" are familiar to all of us. The quality of "quality" is closely related to us. The word connection and quality has become one of the more and more frequently used words in the optoelectronic industry today. "Service" is the magic weapon for optoelectronic companies to win in the future competition. The high and low service quality most directly affects the customer's evaluation of the company. "Innovation" has always been the direction pursued by product-based companies. Only when products continue to innovate and meet market demands, companies will not be eliminated. 


   In an enterprise, "quality" is the cornerstone of the survival and development of the enterprise, and it is also the life of the enterprise. We must pay full attention to the important role of quality in the survival and development of the enterprise. "Gold awards and silver awards are not as good as customer praise, and gold cups and silver cups are not as good as customers' reputation." This shows the importance of quality to an enterprise, and the negligence and contempt of product quality in any position will affect the overall quality of the enterprise to varying degrees , We are the owners of the enterprise, and the survival of the enterprise is closely related to our life. It is our responsibility to work for the development of the enterprise. In this sense, the fate of the company and each of us is in our hands, and grasping the quality mark is the key to the survival and development of the company. 


        The Quality Department notified the company's 2016 "Quality Month" activity implementation plan, requiring all departments to focus on the theme of "Quality establishes LCF development, and strength creates LCF quality" through publicity and education, experience exchange, inspection and supervision, and the development of all-staff quality activities , Guide the majority of employees, especially front-line employees, to actively participate in the "Quality Month" activities, and strive to create a "quality for everyone, everyone understands quality, everyone does a good job", "you think, I think, quality improvement is hard to come by" A good atmosphere, and strive to make fundamental and comprehensive changes in the key and common problems that plague the quality of enterprises. 


The board of directors requested that through this "Quality Month" activity, the quality awareness of all personnel should be improved. As an enterprise integrating R&D, sales, and service, product quality should be the foundation, and "innovation" and "service" should be refined. Be careful is the ultimate way of development. In 2016, Lianchengfa increased its investment in product innovation and formed a strong R&D team to better meet market demand. At this year’s marketing conference, the company repeatedly emphasized that the sales staff and after-sales service team must bring Lianchengfa’s best "service" to every customer, because "service quality" is one of the core of marketing. . "Innovation"+"Quality"+"Service" achieves a truly high level and high quality, only then can Lianchengfa win the favor of more customers and build a good corporate reputation! 


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