Team cohesion, win in the implementation of the 2020 summer expansion activities of LCF successfully concluded!

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June 13, 2020, Shenzhen LCF Technology Co., LTD., in order to enhance team cohesion, enhance collective cohesion and team spirit. Let employees more actively face the new challenges of work and life. To improve work enthusiasm and enthusiasm, Long Pingfang, founder of LCF, led all staff of LCF to carry out outdoor team development activities in summer.

                                                             Early in the summer, 

The sun is not full,


More than 100 partners in the company,


Divided into Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn team four teams


9 o 'clock on the dot!


Destination: ------ Farm Fun Valley


01.Cohesive team wins in execution


The event began with a speech by Ms. Long Pingfang, founder of the company. She said: time succession, time from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing" 16 years of progress; Because there are goals, we step by step toward the dream; Because of the direction, the ring of time engraved with glory and glory mark; Growth of honed to create our unique label "hard work, enterprising, dedication, hard work" this is the character of the united chengfa, thanks to the united Chengfa family people to pay the hardships and efforts, is everyone in the same boat and never abandon let the united Chengfa to overcome difficulties. 16 years is the courage of the sun born, is the dream of eternal youth. Now the company is vigorously promoting the three strategic objectives of smart city new infrastructure, cultural and tourism business performance, and business exhibition project. It has opened a new era of intelligent manufacturing. As a world-class service provider of sound and photoelectric intelligent manufacturing, LCF will set off an industrial revolution. Come on, everyone! Lianchengfa will continue to prove that you have chosen the right platform and continue to ride the wings of your dreams for the next 16 years!

02. ondensing force to break the ice 

A three-legged relay race by two persons
        At 10:50 am, the training camp kicked off with great anticipation. A fun three-legged relay race between two people is the best way to relax! How can a teambuilding activity be without two people, three feet, two human units, a rope, a group of small partners. Everyone together, is the most happy thing.

Tug of war


It's the best way to get the team mates


Increasing the sense of team, understanding that unity is strength,


1+1 > 2;


The heart thinks in one place, the force makes in one place,


Nothing can stop us from winning.


The relay race across the river by feeling for the stones


Crossing the river by feeling for stones is about balance and coordination,


It's about courage and persistence,


Deduce is struggle and hard work.


In this competition, the competition colleagues chase each other,


Hard work, teamwork,


They all want to bring glory to their team.


The cheers of my colleagues outside the stadium can be heard all the time,


As if he wanted to pass on his strength to his colleagues on the field.


Everyone felt the need to learn to unite,


The power of one man is small,


Only when the whole team is working towards the same goal,


When you work hard, you will be closer to success.


Picnic race


Near to the noon, rural interest valley rises curling smoke. In the symphony of POTS and pans,


Set off waves of laughter, a hot food scene.


We will prepare a delicious picnic by ourselves. Washing vegetables, cutting meat, ingredients, lighting a fire, cooking, chefs display their skills, a culinary competition.


All of a sudden, everyone turned into a gourmet again.



Through this activity, we deeply realized the importance of unity,


In addition to solidarity, division of labor and cooperation is also important,


In the future, we should help each other in work and life.


Solidarity and cooperation, to achieve win-win!


Finally, the whole crew shouted:


Lian cheng fa, fa fa fa!(LCF's name in chinese!)


Unite all strength, overcome all difficulties!


Prove strength with action, defend dignity with performance!


We are the best team!


Victory will be ours!


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