LCF Successfully Completed the On-site Evaluation of Bao’an District Performance Excellence Management Standard Implementation Project

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2021-03-30 17:50 Views: 1111

On March 30, LCF successfully completed 2021 in Bao’an district performance excellence management standards implementation of the project site review, Bao’an market supervision bureau deputy section chief led the evaluation experts Baoping Wang, Zeng Chaodong, Hong JinCheng assessment guide line to LCF headquarters, to listen to our Bao’an district performance excellence management standard implementation of the project report, Review the implementation of performance excellence management mode of our company. Long Pingfang, founder and President of LCF, Mao Qiangjun, Secretary of the Board of Directors, Xie Jin, vice president of Operations and other company executives and heads of relevant functional departments attended the on-site review.


The on-site evaluation includes the first meeting, enterprise report, enterprise visit, on-site investigation and interview, internal meeting of the evaluation group, the last meeting and other links. At the first meeting, Ning Fengping, deputy section chief of Bao’an Market Supervision Bureau, systematically introduced the purpose, basis, review content and relevant requirements of the on-site evaluation, and said that members of the evaluation group will strictly abide by the provisions, consciously maintain the fairness of the evaluation work. Later, in the evaluation process, the company's founder and President Long Pingfang and relevant department heads introduced the company's vision, mission, leadership, strategic planning, customer focus, people-oriented, continuous innovation, high-quality operation and other key evaluation elements to the evaluation group. The experts of the evaluation group asked questions according to the report content, and the participants answered the questions one by one.


After a day of review, experts, in accordance with the assessment standard (economy class) the mayor of Shenzhen quality prize "DB4403 / T116-2020 requirements, through the meeting to hear special report, field investigation, data access, and the company managers of each layer and frontline staff discussion, for the company to implement performance excellence management conducted a comprehensive and detailed review, Explore the characteristics and highlights of the company's management work, find the existing gaps and deficiencies, objectively and comprehensively understand the promotion of the company's performance excellence management, in order to obtain accurate and complete review information.


In the last meeting, the expert panel fully exchanged views with the company leaders on the on-site evaluation work. The evaluation group gave high evaluation to the company's leadership, strategic layout, customer satisfaction, corporate culture construction, scientific and technological innovation and other aspects, and put forward suggestions and opinions for improvement in the management system and process management. And hope that the company can continue to play its advantages, constantly improve management, the pursuit of excellence, striving for a world-class enterprise.


Finally, dragon total on behalf of the company on panels of experts want to thank you for hard work and careful guidance, and said LCF will persist in using performance excellence management model into each work, to work "continuous innovation (CWI) management pattern" as the foundation, in order to "light up the life of science and technology" for the mission, to "become the world first-class sound and light smart integration services" as the direction, Continuously pursue excellence, constantly enhance the new competitive advantages, the smart city, cultural and tourism business performance, business display engineering three business bigger, stronger and better, fully realize the enterprise development strategy, to promote the healthy and sustainable development of LED display industry in China.