Lianchengfa: Go ahead and move forward

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2017-06-23 11:33 Views: 962

After years of development, China's LED screen industry has achieved many legends in the industry. It is undeniable that Lianchengfa has stood out in the fierce market competition by virtue of its own strong strength, and its products are favored by customers.


  The development of an enterprise may contain many opportunities, but no matter what achievements it obtains, it is inseparable from its management model. Lianchengfa, which takes culture as its foundation and seeks development with technology, has experienced countless trials and tribulations. countless. Today, let us walk into Lianchengfa and experience the new ecology of the enterprise industry in multiple ways. The floor is clean and translucent, the symmetrical cut bonsai, and the slightly empty hall can always make people quiet down instantly and quickly put into work. "Miscellaneous but not messy", this should be your first impression of the marketing department. Although it is not limited to the form, it does its job and is coordinated and orderly. This is a vibrant team, you know, I'm not talking about age, but mentality.


 From the whole to the details, from the labor to the machinery, from the complete manufacturing capabilities to the convenient and efficient assembly capabilities, everything is busy and orderly. This is the production workshop, a place that customers will never miss. Here, it is a place to create surprises. No matter how busy they are, they have never compressed the program and carefully smooth out every detail.


As the core department of Lianchengfa, the R&D department is responsible for researching and developing new products and improving product functions. "Comfortable environment attracts excellent talents, and excellent talents create the best benefits." The unique office layout, beautiful and comfortable working environment ensure that every employee finds the joy of work in a relaxed atmosphere. 


  When culture meets technology, "culture, emotion, service, technology, materials" are all mixed together. The large-scale exhibition hall with an area of 1,600 square meters is rare in the industry. Here, the application scenarios of various screens can be seen in the exhibition hall. The performance stage, the VR technology application experience center, and the video conference center have a full sense of science and technology. The angle perfectly shows the scene. Static, dynamic, busy and standardized operating scenes, casual and creative exhibition hall, multi-faceted Lianchengfa, which one do you like?


 "If you want to learn, learn and have fun, if you want to play, have a good time." The combination of work and rest has always been highly endorsed by Lianchengfa and implemented earnestly. Every outdoor activity, the trip arrangement of every detail, all shows that Lianchengfa Care and attention to all "family".


  Persistence will lead to a longer journey. Thinking, the enterprise can develop more steadily. After 13 years, Lianchengfa has always been adhering to the concept of "union, integrity, and development", relying on its own technological accumulation and pioneering innovation to deepen the LED market. At present, its series of products have covered indoor and outdoor advertising, cultural squares, commercial buildings, hotels, shopping malls, stadiums, stage backgrounds and other fields, with more than 30,000 boutique cases at home and abroad. In addition, Lianchengfa is also committed to providing smart city solutions and developing new "Internet +" products to promote the development of products in a higher-end and high-value-added direction.


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