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"Fire, fire, fire", VR can no longer be hot, and now all walks of life are hoping to combine with it to expand the depth of the industry. The LED industry is undoubtedly one of the industries that is close to it and is most likely to spark sparks. However, the marriage of industries is not simple, that is, to solve technical problems, but also to solve business model problems. Lianchengfa (stock code: 837293) has been at the forefront of technology and saw the future of combining VR+LED with market prospects.


2016 Shenzhen Optical Expo Liancheng Development Zone VR+LED display

As a terminal display product, LED displays can be fully integrated with the VR technology industry in terms of experience interaction, media, advertising, education, and cinema. LED displays, especially small-pitch LED displays, have the advantages of high resolution, no seams, natural and true display effects, flexible appearance and equipped with touch display, which can definitely bring first-class visual experience and enjoyment. However, professionals point out that the panels used in VR devices must be more than 3 times higher than ultra-high image quality (UHD)-level OLEDs (approximately 500ppi) in order to eliminate dizziness, and the small pitch has not yet reached this requirement.


      With technological breakthroughs, LED companies are actively looking for solutions. Lianchengfa has aimed at VR technology earlier, and is the first to launch relatively mature technologies and products. In 2016, it invested tens of millions in product, technology research and development, and R&D team talent reserves to prepare for the application of VR technology in LED displays. Make more in-depth technological breakthroughs and open up a broader market situation. In the global technical field, Microsoft's research team has shown through research and experiments that a simple 80 LED lights can widen the field of view of VR devices and solve motion sickness ("SparseLightVR" project).


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    In addition to technology, the business model is an unavoidable challenge for industry development. Whether it is the civilian market or the commercial market, the popularity of the product is closely related to the price. In terms of price alone, perhaps LCD screens have more competitive advantages than LEDs, let alone new technologies and new materials that continue to emerge with the development of science and technology. Therefore, the profit model of LED+VR combination is even more important. In this regard, Lianchengfa has already had its own consideration.

       In the past 13 years, Lianchengfa’s products have been continuously updated. To meet the needs of market development, R&D has increased the research and development of LED display applications. Currently, it has dozens of product application patents. Product innovation has always been the foundation of a company's long-term development, and the development of VR technology in all aspects has shown a trend of spreading. In the near future, Lianchengfa, which has been at the forefront of technology, will definitely make the application of VR technology in LED display more perfect.


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