"Dragon Series" and "Magic City" hit new sparks in the LED industry!

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2019-08-13 14:30 Views: 979

Shanghai has been awarded the title of "Magic City" because of its amazing development speed. There are many dreams and impossibilities hidden here. The rapid development and life will overwhelm people. If you don't work hard, you may be eliminated. , And the "Dragon Series" was born in response to this fast-paced development!

        On August 12, 2019, Lianchengfa's "Dragon Series" was unveiled at the Xietong Hotel in Jiading District, Shanghai. What new sparks will the collision between "Dragon Series" and "Magic City" hit? Let's kick off the wonderful prelude together↓↓↓


Lianchengfa has been developing for 15 years, continuously innovating in technology, and continuously exploring and trying out development trends and market opportunities. The "Dragon Series" brought this time is to follow the development trend and use the latest technology to create high-end LED displays for stage leasing. The appearance of the "Dragon Series" detonated the focus of the audience. The most troublesome problem for renters on the stage LED display is the weight of the cabinet and the maintenance work. These troubles have been solved in the "Dragon Series". The two stage LED displays "Longyi" and "Longteng" are characterized by lightness, thinness and quick maintenance and installation. The refresh rate and high definition are even more important. Lianchengfa has created two different products to meet the different requirements. The customer's preference for the display screen.


After some demonstrations at the scene, everyone was undecided about the excellent quality of the "Dragon Series", but Lianchengfa brought you not only the "Dragon Series", but also a new channel model for everyone. solution. In the past two years, lessors have been feeling headaches for channel investment and cost recovery, and industry morale has dropped significantly. In order to change this state, Lianchengfa has optimized the pain points of these industries, relaxed capital investment conditions, and provided high-quality products and products. Service helps cost recovery, and the new model reinvention once again won applause from the audience.


     In the end, the meeting ended successfully with the applause and cheers of everyone. Lianchengfa has a different harvest and touch in every exhibition tour. The meeting ends, but the excitement of the "Dragon Series" will not stop. We still keep our original intention and move on!