What is the prospect of LED creative display?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-10-31 16:20 Views: 431

After years of development, LED display screen has gradually shed its traditional appearance, and has attracted much attention in the market and become several innovative display products, including LED small pitch display screen, LED transparent screen, LED grid screen and LED shaped screen. We can't deny that the traditional LED display still holds a large share in the market today, but at the same time, the market of these LED creative displays, which are full of advanced display technologies and lead the industry trend, is also expanding

The emergence of LED creative display screen has broken the large screen splicing system, which can only be spliced into a cold rectangular shape. It can be spliced into various irregular shapes at will to display some highly creative content. Such as spherical, rhombic, fan-shaped, gem shaped, cylindrical, arc and other irregular structure forms of LED display. Such LED creative display screen can well adapt to the overall structure and environment of the building. The size and size of the screen can be customized according to certain requirements to meet the designers' creative inspiration. At the same time, it also meets the customers' personalized needs and brings the audience a novel and unique visual experience. It is widely used in commerce, such as bars, shopping malls, squares, performance venues, outdoor media, exhibition halls and other high-density crowd places. Today, the tide of creative industries has swept the world, becoming a hot spot in the field of large screen display and the focus of competition for screen enterprises. As a typical manifestation of the differentiated development of LED display, with the development of LED display technology and the open development of society, the creative display market has shown great market vitality in recent years.


The LED creative display screen has a variety of styles: arc, round, curved, square hexahedron, cross screen, letter, triangle screen, oval screen, etc. Its size and size can be customized according to requirements. Compared with conventional LED displays, LED creative displays tend to be used by users with special needs. At present, they are mainly used in performing arts venues, outdoor media, exhibition halls, squares and other environments. Due to the different appearances and structures of LED creative displays, the technical requirements for manufacturers are more stringent. If the manufacturer's technology is not up to standard, the spliced LED screen will have many problems such as uneven appearance due to excessive seam gap and discontinuous splicing surface, which will affect the viewing effect and damage the aesthetic feeling of the overall design. More importantly, the circuit and structure design of LED creative display screen is complex, which puts forward high requirements for the R&D capability of manufacturers.

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